Expedition south in an old touring car traveling at 48 miles per hour in fulfillment of an ancient Mayan prophecy!

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“Has not the story reached them of those before them–of the people of Noah and Ad and Thamud, and the people of Abraham and the dwellers of Midian and the overthrown cities? Their messengers came to them with clear arguments. So Allah wronged them not but they wronged themselves.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 9, verse 70


This year, 2006, begins a six-year countdown to the year 2012, which marks the calendar date in the Mayan Prophecy that culminates the present world or 5th Sun and brings in another world or 6th Sun or Age of Consciousness. Once, in a dream I had of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he asked me to teach the Sisters about the Sun. I wasn’t clear at that time whether he was referring to the Sun of our present Solar System, or Son as in Son of Man.

(L-R) Steven X, Hakeem Muhammad, Alberto Alvarez, Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, Nujah Muhammad and Nyame Selassie were participants in the Expedition South Tours at the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque, which houses the famous tomb of Pacal Votan.

Over the years, I have taken this subject and study very seriously, as I am reminded that it was this subject about the Sun which Master Fard Muhammad didn’t want to teach him too much about, except a little. Perhaps there is a hint of this subject connected to the fulfillment of the Mayan Prophecy of the 6th Sun, or Age, to come, which we will open for discussion at a later time.

Now what about that “Old Touring Car” that travels downhill at the rate of 48 miles per hour–might there be a connection between this downhill speed and the prophetic timeline that ends the present world civilization and brings us into a New World of Spiritual Consciousness? What kind of horsepower must the engine deliver at the Wheels to maintain this rate of downhill speed?

The Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gives us the Basis or Foundation and the Platform to connect with every religious or scientific School of Thought on our Planet. The Root of his Teachings from the Master is Mathematics, Astronomy and the Science of everything in life, love, peace and happiness. His Divine Teachings also provide us with an Economic Program of Prosperity, which furnishes our needs and provides us with the materials to build a Nation of our own on some of this Earth that we can call our own!

Today, with all the wealth that circulates among us, there is no capital gain nor do we own the source of its supply, nor do we have silver or gold to back up our currency or paper money. This kind of deceptive wealth is a farce and will soon be so scarce that we will be forced to go back to the land, the basis of any economic system.

Because the true science of business and the banking industry was not taught to us, we remain paupers and poverty stricken to the grave. Will another generation be the same?

In spite of the strides accomplished in the Civil Rights Movement, the Marcus Garvey racial dignity and pride in his “Back to Africa” Movement and the work of Noble Drew Ali and a host of others, they did not have a full and complete Knowledge of how to free us from our oppressors and open enemies. Here are some of the reasons Why.

When our fore parents were boarded up on those miserable slave ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean and landed in America, we were scattered, sold and bartered as servitude slaves, separated and lost from our family members in the Diaspora. We were promised more gold than what we were earning in our own country, which turned out to be a lie. We had passed through the wooden door and foul dungeons of no return, while carved on the door was the Jewish Star of David, symbolizing Jacob’s stealing of his brother’s birthright and blessing. We were stealthily brought into the Jewish Holocaust innumerable times more severe than the German or European Holocaust–but yet we are urged to forget, while others must remember.

Our Nation’s survival is the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, because America’s downhill fall cannot be checked, for her evils have reached unto heaven and God has remembered her iniquities, for strong is the God Who Judges her. It was exactly 40 years ago when I first visited Mexico and toured the South of this country, its great monuments, temples and pyramids. The most astounding site of all was my visit to the Archeological Park of Palenque and the famous Tomb of Pacal Votan, and felt the majesty of a lost civilization, somehow linked with Egypt, African Kingdoms, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea area.

In this last expedition south, a few of us traveled to this spot in a type of touring car, and after 40 years I found a guide, who had also resided there for 40 years, who bore witness to my most profound thoughts that I ever had about this place. In the remaining six or so years to the year 2012 A.D., what new discoveries will be made in this pregnant rain forest of Mexico and Central America that will reveal the True History of our Ancestors who did more than just cross the Bering Straits, but crossed oceans and seas and traveled in airships around the world, not despicably chained in the hulls of slave ships, but as the former Kings and Rulers of all Planetary World Kingdoms?

“Allah has promised to the believers, men and women, Gardens, wherein flow rivers, to abide therein, and goodly dwellings in Gardens of perpetual abode. And greatest of all is Allah’s goodly pleasure. That is the grand achievement.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 9, verse 72


To be continued.