Too many times we sit on the sidelines and criticize with the wrong spirit and too many times we receive criticism with the wrong spirit. With all of the constant discussions and debates over the emergence of the Millions More Movement and its viability, the question rests on each of our shoulders: “What am I doing to further the goal and achievement of freedom of my people?”

Critics of the Oct. 15 mass assembly should be asked it they were of those who were criticizing the process of unity from day one? What was your position five months ago or one month ago? Let us not play games with the truth of where we stand as it relates to forging a working unity among our people. Though fragile, this unity will prove to be the key to leading us to the freedom and independence that we seek as a people.

We should not engage in self-righteous banter based on little fact. This is very dangerous. We must form our opinions around fact and truth. We should not spend our time and energy debating and criticizing the program of the mass assembly, not because the criticism may not be valid, but because we suffer as a people from losing focus on what needs to be DONE, while straining on what could have been SAID or should have been SAID and by whom.


To engage in discussions over the length of time and comparisons of speakers will only continue to lead us down the path that we have suffered as a people, leaders and organizations: one wrought with envy, vanity and hatred. It is childish and ultimately irrelevant to strain at who spoke on October 15, if you are doing the work October 16, 17, 18, 19, and … Do the work! Who benefits from such a futile discussion on who spoke, especially after the day is past? We are only benefiting the enemies of our rise.  

These discussions should have taken place in the months of organization that led to the commemoration, but your voice could have only been heard if you were at the table. But just because your voice was not at the table does not mean that it is not valuable. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan issued a call for the Millions More Movement. How did you answer it? Do you understand that it is not too late to answer it so that your voice can be a part of influencing the direction of our people? The Millions More Movement continues to grow after the commemoration event. The table is not limited to those who spoke at October 15.

Prayerfully, the genuine hurt and pain of feeling excluded can be overcome and healed through the work ahead, rather than be manipulated to paralyze the process of organization and uniting on an even higher level.

If we focus on the program, we are busy focusing on an event and one day, rather than the work that lies on all of us ahead. Many can speak and speak well; and many more photograph even better–but who will do the work? This work will purify the leaders of our people and test the trueness of their hearts and words before the people–especially in light of the tremendous rebuilding effort after Hurricane Katrina.

Let us challenge ourselves to step beyond the comfort zone of our circle of activists and organizations to now sit among the full spectrum of our family in this Millions More Movement. Bring your sincerity, experience and knowledge. You were missed yesterday and are still needed today.