WASHINGTON (FinalCall.com) – During a Sept. 2 press conference, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke of the numerous offers of international support that the United States has received from around the world.

“You have the updated list of countries from every corner of the globe that are offering their help, countries like Canada and Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Israel, China, Azerbaijan, the Philippines, El Salvador, Australia, Turkey and many others,” said Ms. Rice.

“I want to note in particular that we received a generous offer of support from Sri Lanka, a country that, as we speak, is still recovering from its own massive natural disaster. Every contribution is important; and over the past few days, I have been in contact with a wide range of officials from other nations and international organizations to respond to these offers of support.”


What about Cuba’s ongoing offer of aid and assistance to America?

“Our country is ready to send, in the small hours of morning, 100 clinicians and specialists in Comprehensive General Medicine, who at dawn tomorrow, Saturday (September 3), could be in Houston International Airport, Texas, the closest to the region struck by the tragedy, in order to be transferred by air, sea or river to the isolated shelters, facilities and neighborhoods in the city of New Orleans, where the population and families are that require emergency medical care or first aid,” said Cuba’s President Fidel Castro, September 2.

“These Cuban personnel would be carrying backpacks with 53 pounds of medications, known to be essential in such situations to save lives, as well as basic diagnosis kits. They would be prepared to work alone or in groups of two or more, depending on the circumstances, for as long as necessary.”

Cuba has a history of sending doctors and medical personnel around the world to help with disasters.  Many wonder will their help be accepted by the United States considering the sanctions and blockade that the United States has against this small island nation.

Luci Murphy is a Washington, D.C. Community activist that has traveled to Cuba and went last year with Pastors for Peace Cuban Caravan.

“I don’t think America will accept the aid and assistance from Cuba.  Certain forces are content to let the poor in New Orleans just die.  They were warned that the levees couldn’t withstand anything higher than a category three hurricane and they didn’t do anything about it.” Murphy added, “This was just an accident waiting to happen and they let it happen.”

Cuba has also offered to, “Send via Houston, or any other airport of your choosing, 500 additional specialists in Comprehensive General Medicine, with the same equipment, who could be at their destination point at noon or in the afternoon of September 3,” stated Pres. Castro “A third group of 500 specialists in Comprehensive General Medicine could be arriving in the morning of September 4. Thus, the 1100 said medical doctors, with the resources described tantamount to 26.4 tons of medications and diagnosis kits, would be caring for the neediest persons in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.”

He added, “These medical doctors have the necessary international experience and elementary knowledge of the English language that would allow them to communicate with the patients.”

“We stand ready waiting for the U.S. authorities’ response,” said Castro.