(FinalCall.com) – The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan gave a public invitation to women all across the country August 20, to join him and millions of men at the 10th Anniversary commemoration of the Million Man March, October 15, in Washington, DC.

Speaking in Chicago at Mosque Maryam to countless numbers of women via a web cast that went from coast to coast and north to as far south as Mexico, the Minister said, “The Million Man March could never have been successful without women who were at the root of its success.”

“Many women made it possible for men to act like men on that day.”


To a thunderous applause the Minister explained that he received a letter from Rev. Willie Wilson, pastor of Union Temple Baptist Church in Washington, DC after he was named the National Executive Director of the commemoration.

The letter read, “I would feel much better and more inspired to work harder if our women were allowed to participate,” the Minister said. “I called him right then and said yes, it was just right. I thank God for Rev. Wilson.”

Many have wondered about the role of women in the March and their importance in creating the Millions More Movement.

“Women are most important in making a free people,” said Minister Farrakhan flanked by women in green uniforms of the Muslim Girls Training and General Civilization Class, “I was taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that civilization is never measured by a man, it’s measured by the women.”

“A tacky woman says a tacky civilization. Civilization is measured by how good the woman looks. To build a world up you must start with the female. When someone wants to take the world down they destroy the education of women.”

The Minister then went on to discuss the fall of women. He took the crowd back to 1712 with a letter from Caribbean plantation owner Willie Lynch. The letter details how to mentally as well as physically break down a people.

“Keep the body, take the mind,” explained the Minister about the letter. “Keep your eye on the female and reverse the natures. Make the female independent of the male and make the male child dependent. Women have broken male children without even knowing it.”

From there the Minister went on to discuss how women were taken out of the home during World War II to work. “Today you hardly know how to boil an egg and you want to get married. Women have become a top breadwinner.”

After women were taken out of the home, according to the Minister, they began to have a new style of clothing. Hems began to rise.

“Gradually he’s taken your clothes off. Satan has created the style to take you down,” said the Minister, “Now that he’s taken you down, you’re attracting power is not what you think. The woman is in a degenerative state.”

“The Millions More Movement is to repair the damage done to us during slavery.”

The Millions More Movement is also to unify all oppressed people.

“Vicente Fox (President of Mexico) said that Mexicans take jobs even Blacks don’t want. If you’re looking at that from an upper class and middle class background you’re offended. But society has placed the majority of Blacks in a permanent underclass.”

“You come from Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Do you want to pick anything else? Mexicans cross the border to California. Do you want that job,” asked the Minister.

The audience responded, “No.”

“Who are the domestic workers? You used to be the cooks and the maids. Now, they’re the Mexicans. The only jobs Blacks want that the Mexicans are taking are along the highway with construction.” He went on to say, “You belong to the union, they want cheap labor.”

Last week while in Milwaukee, the Minister said that he agreed with President Fox when he said that Mexicans “take jobs even Blacks don’t want”. This made national news because when President Fox made the comment many Blacks were in an uproar and Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton went to Mexico to secure an apology from President Fox.

“Mexicans come here five and six in small quarters like we came over in ships. They want what America has to offer,” explained Minister Farrakhan, “If the Mexicans will come to work for less and demand less management can stretch their bottom line.”

“The Millions More Movement is about uniting us, pooling our resources and forming strategic alliances with the Latinos.”

The Minister’s speech was well received by all who attended.

“This was an historic event,” said Mama Charisma in Washington, DC at Muhammad Mosque #4 where close to 200 women viewed the web cast.

“I like the talk of unity with all oppressed people. I was really glad to hear the Minister talk about how girls are raised today. I can’t believe girls don’t know how to cook or sew. And they wonder why they can’t get married.”

“My disappointment is that the place wasn’t jam packed with standing room only. The enemy is trying to get one against the other. We just don’t know it.”

Saadiqa Muhammad is the Mid Atlantic Regional Captain for the women and girls in Islam. She will be one of many hosts for the women coming to DC for the Millions More Movement.

“I watched each woman as she came in and they were excited to hear what the Minister had to say to them. They were even more excited when they left. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in October when they get here for the Millions More Movement.”