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The history of Mongolia and its ancient past can be summarized with the descent of Genghis Khan and his philosophical and military alliances that united the loosely confederated tribes of his day into a mighty empire. His military and governing principles are still studied by military strategists and scientists in the Western world.

The Mongolian Empire has occupied more territory than any empire since his time spreading over the Eastern hemisphere, from the steps of the Gobi Desert and beyond into the Russian Caucasus Mountains, north to China in the south, west into all of Central Asia, invading parts of Europe almost to the gates of Rome and the Vatican and parts of North Africa.


The effect of his campaign, which penetrated the worlds of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and other faith traditions, has sent chills into many world governments, up to our modern times. A shaman’s decree gave rise to Genghis Khan’s stature as the vengeance of God. He was given divine guidance to raise his army to punish the hypocritical rule of the people and nations who feigned their religious beliefs, but had sunk into depravity and gross immorality with a stoic materialism in which the great Caliphate of Baghdad and ancient Persia fell victim to the Mongolian hordes in swift succession.

Does the prophetic picture of Genghis Khan and his descendants continue in the West today? Let us continue to study more of this captivating vision that links to a modern descendant of the Khan’s golden family being raised in America today. Could this prophetic oracle reveal an aspect of the work of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam in its highest spiritual expression, as we move toward the Capitol in Washington, D.C., in numbers exceeding 10 million in commemoration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Million Man March (Millions More Movement)?

(The following editorial is reprinted from Mother Tynnetta Muhammad’s Spring/Fall 2005 edition of Cultural Links news journal, entitled “The Descent of the Mongolian Kings.” It is part of a chronology of events that she has recorded in her journeys to near and distant lands, containing a prophetic picture of our times.)

Since my journey to Mongolia in November 2002, where I visited the National Museum of Mongolian History in the capital of Ulaanbaatar, I recently visited the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, who organized the exhibit, “Modern Mongolia: Reclaiming Genghis Khan. This visit occurred November 2004. I came full circle in weaving together the intricate threads of an incredible story of my Mongolian vision, which began in 1984, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, during a group meditation. It was during this meditation when I was given knowledge that linked me to the genealogy of the Great Khan.

This confirms that I was being prepared step by step to pursue this extraordinary journey that would ultimately take me to Mongolia and to visit the exact site of the National Museum of Mongolian History, which was affiliated with this study and research taking place at the University of Pennsylvania.

Genghis Khan is now being resurrected from the rubble of time to take his place among the giants of men, as not only the Father of Mongolian Democracy, but through the latest research is being reclaimed as the Father of Modern Democratic Principles, pre-dating by some nine years Great Britain’s Declaration of the Magna Carta.

So often today’s villains become tomorrow’s heroes in the fullness of time.