A decade-long witch hunt by prosecutor Tom Sneddon–based on slander, gossip and bitter ex-staff–ended with acquittals of 10 felony counts against the King of Pop. As Michael Jackson walked away from the Santa Barbara County courthouse where trumped up charges of child molestation and intoxication were finally laid to rest, his weary steps and measured wave to his committed fans proved that the race is not to the swift, but to those who can endure to the end.

“Lies run sprints, but truth runs marathons. The truth will win this marathon in court,” the beloved international entertainer said in a 2003 press statement.

We shall see if the slanderous foam that dripped from the mouths of members of the media and “talking heads” who fed the public bitter cynicism and vitriolic lies in the months that led up to the trial will dry up. The character assassination is nothing new, the kangaroo court tactics were expected; but the months of mud that they threw on him will only aid in his restoration.


Those of us who supported him did so, not only out of suspicion of the judicial system, but out of love for the sensitive and sincere human being we became acquainted with through his music. His supporters had faith in his humanity all along; the jury simply found that the evidence did not dispute it.

An adage says if someone throws stones at you while you are in a pit, you will be able to climb out on those stones that will fill the pit. The pit they dug for Michael Jackson was not bottomless, the stones did not break him and he is indeed climbing out. His continued spirit of charity and beneficence will now ring clearer in his songs. He will emerge purified from this physical, emotional and spiritual trial. He will recover stronger, wiser and with much more to give to the world.