Long Beach, Calif.–When Michael Perry spent two years working for a debt collection company, it made him realize that not only did he want to launch his own firm one day, but also that he wanted to change the way people think of debt collection.

“That’s when I decided to build my own customized collection business,” Mr. Perry says. “It would not be a collection agency. Instead, we would provide services for trained professionals on-site that needed collection work done.”

Two years later, 19-year-old Michael Perry owns and manages California-based Millennium Recovery Services.


The firm has several major accounts with local and national credit unions, and they regularly conduct collection theory seminars across the country. Their clients include Northrup Grummon Federal Credit Union, Gardena Friendly Federal Credit Union, Affinity West Federal Credit Union, City Loan Company, and Car Cash Loan Company.

Obviously, the idea was good and the concept was workable, but how could a 19-year-old young man bring a company like this into actual reality?

Well, Mr. Perry was able to raise the starting capital by painting houses on the side. Despite the fact that he was in school full-time, he remained determined and focused. Eventually, his company was born.

While some criticized him, saying that his company provides a service that only annoys people, the young entrepreneur sees it otherwise. He comments, “Debt today is a growing problem all around us, and many people do not know how to get out of the trouble that they find themselves in. Instead they try to run and hide from the problem.”

“The difference with us is that we are really trying to help them. We don’t harass or annoy people. We provide solutions for them so that they can recover from their unhealthy financial status.”

(For more information, visit www.MillenniumRecovery.net.)