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(FinalCall.com) – Embracing Minister Louis Farrakhan’s call for a human force of epic and unprecedented dimensions that will rock America like a tsunami, Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, national co-convener of the Millions More MovementTM and national chairman of the New Black Panther Party, took the city by storm with a powerful message of upliftment and motivation.

Atty. Shabazz was the guest keynote speaker for the Universal African Peoples Organization (UAPO) annual birthday celebration and commemoration of the life and legacy of Malcolm X on May 19. The youthful and energetic speaker spoke to a standing-room crowd of nearly 300 people at Muhammad’s Academy. The number of people attending the program was remarkable and reflective of those desiring to hear Atty. Shabazz’s message because the original site was cancelled with only a 48-hour notice. Nevertheless, the people expressed their outpouring of love and respect for Atty. Shabazz and the grassroots work of UAPO with their presence.


Introducing Atty. Shabazz to the audience, UAPO leader Zaki Baruti spoke of Atty. Malik’s desire, passion and commitment to rid our people of the negative impact that racism generates and all the other societal ills affecting our communities. Before the keynote address, remarks were made by Minister Ralph Muhammad, of Muhammad’s Mosque No. 28B in East St. Louis, Ill., UAPO member Ameer Ali, and Safiyah Chauvin, director of the Afrikan Heritage Youth Organization, which presented an inspiring African drum call and recited their African heritage creed.

As Atty. Shabazz took the rostrum, one could sense the excitement, anticipation and thirst for knowledge and wisdom that the audience was ready to receive, and throughout the evening they were not disappointed. He began by thanking his host and saluting the work of the Black Panther Party of Lowndes County, Ala. and Oakland, Calif. during the 1960s. He also shared with the audience the special and historical relationship of the Nation of Islam and the Panther Party. He spoke clearly of his mentor, Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad, and in the spirit of reconciliation was honored to help spread the message and call of Minister Louis Farrakhan for millions of our people to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March and launch the Millions More MovementTM.

Throughout his message, Atty. Shabazz focused on the need of our people to keep alive the spirit of those who have struggled for our liberation, such as Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Huey P. Newton and Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael). He reviewed the life of Malcolm X and warned people not to fall for the “Americanization of Malcolm as a civil rights leader” as opposed to the true Malcolm who stood for freedom and human dignity of Black people.

In bringing his message to a close, Atty. Shabazz exclaimed that, as the Millions More MovementTM gathered force, our people must develop concrete solutions to the following 10 issues: (1) Unity, (2) Spirituality, (3) Education, (4) Economics, (5) Political Empowerment, (6) Reparations, (7) Political Prisoners and the Prison Industrial Complex, (8) Health, (9) Arts and Entertainment, and (10) Peace (within our communities, and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan).

Commenting on the powerful event and speech, Safiyah Chauvin stated, “The intergenerational attendance of the celebration was profound, which included very young people up to the elders, with an equal number of men and women.” She enjoyed his analysis of showing how Black people today stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.

Local activist, Sauda Shajaa’ Imiri expressed that, “Atty. Shabazz’s historic visit to the city of St. Louis was long awaited and greatly appreciated. His message on the 10 issues that needed to be dealt with nationally and locally was articulately brought forth with concise, well informed, historical information relating to today’s reality.”

The program concluded with a unity circle and prayer offered by Minister Donald Muhammad of the local Muhammad’s Mosque No. 28, and a Christian Brother from the audience.

Earlier in the day, Atty. Shabazz participated in a breakfast meeting with a cross-section of activists and community leaders, as he laid out the concept of the Millions More MovementTM and addressed their concerns and questions.