(FinalCall.com) – With Italy’s announcement of its imminent withdrawal from Iraq, the so-called Coalition of the Willing, which supported the invasion of Iraq, now stands on a foundation of two legs: the United States and the United Kingdom. The supporting cast of countries in this stand-up tragedy that remain were dubiously linked after being bought out or bullied from the beginning.

It had become more appropriate to call the occupying forces of Iraq, the Coalition of the Unwilling–especially after more of the lies and deceptive security information by the U.S. government were revealed to have manipulated world opinion. As truth continues to be hurled at the falsehood of the Bush administration, the coalition is becoming an ever vanishing thing. World opinion has shifted against the Bush administration and its policies of dominion, destruction and exploitation of the world’s resources and people.

But foreign eyes are not the only ones seeing beyond the American veil. With the call to Black people–men, women and youth–to gather in the nation’s Capitol to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Million Man March this year, a greater unity of us, as a people, is emerging on the horizon–recognized as essential for our survival, in spite of the action or non-action of the U.S. government. Instead of looking to the White House, we are paying more attention to our house.


This gathering represents the unity of the four marches held previously–the Million Man March, Million Woman March and Million Youth March. The Black family is headed for healing. As truth continues to build the foundation of the mobilization efforts, the Willie Lynch syndrome is becoming an ever vanishing thing. Youth are joining with elders, men joining with women. The response nationwide to leadership meetings and grassroots rallies held thus far has been electric, intense and overwhelmingly positive.

It is a true coalition of the willing; one based on justice, truth, respect and faith. This unity is no longer a potential element in our lives–it has become kinetic. Change is happening in how we view and relate to one another across religious, political, social and economic lines. We are connecting and forging a brotherhood that transcends the divisions and deceit that have kept us at odds with one another and kept our people dying from generation to generation.

It is time: We feel it, we know it and we are acting like it. Our movement in unity is the manifestation of the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad: Our rise will cause his fall.

The dry bones are rattling in the valley.