Reliving many life experiences in the present moment of time

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“And certainly We create man of an extract of clay, Then We made him a small life-germ in a firm resting-place. Then We make the life-germ a clot, then We make the clot a lump of flesh, then We make (in) the lump of flesh bones, then We clothe the bones with flesh, then We cause it to grow into another creation. So blessed be Allah, the Best of creators!”Holy Qur’an, Surah 23, verses 12-14


As I walked through the Auckland Museum in New Zealand, I reflected over my many past visits to this extraordinarily beautiful landscaped portal to Paradise located in the far South Pacific. I have visited many museums around the world, but I could not help but capture the feeling and nostalgia of this place that further demonstrates that everyone’s history mirrors our own Black Historical Cosmology since the beginning of time.

Photograph of lady in cape exhibited at Auckland Museum, New Zealand.

We are the old Masters Returning to our own from the depth of our soul’s journey in the Night of Universal Consciousness. As I moved from floor to floor and gallery to gallery, I felt I was reliving part of my own experiences being thousands of years in the making. Each motif and design, every symbol and woodcarving, tapestry and ceremony seemed to be stamped upon my conscious memory, rooted in a single Mother Culture of us all.

Truly, the Master has walked before us to every land and clime, weaving together all the intricate threads that bind us in One Commonality of One Great Truth–that we are all related! Coming to America, the Master searched for the lost Member of His Father’s House, in order to Reclaim us as His Own.

We, the captives of slave masters held in servitude bondage over 400 years, were the missing family and tribe in the genealogy of our collective ancestors traced back to our descent from the stars and the dark womb of space. He traveled the world over and found us, and is restoring us back to life, as it is written in both Bible and Holy Qur’an.

As in my journey to Mongolia, on the steppes of Siberia and Central Asia, so, too, here in the South Pacific Islands, I observed the similarities in designs, motifs and patterns of weaving, in faces and woodcarvings, all the familiarities of our common ancestry. In all our seeking for knowledge, we are being asked to remember our past and forgotten legacy, our lost beginnings and origins, which lie in the Origin and Mind of God.

It is in the Dream Time and expanded consciousness of our Ancient Peoples and Tribes, in the Holographic Universe, the Determinative Gene Factor, and neurological mapping of our DNA that makes us all gods and children of the Most High!

As I travel around the Planet and elsewhere, what force is operating in the darkness that keeps bringing up objects into our view? It is the quest for Knowledge that fuels and nurtures the brain cells to want to Know more about our existence. It is that force that pushes us forward into new fields of knowledge and discovery in the path of Truth!

Are we not collectively a part of “The Theology of Time” being transported from The Divine Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad as we live in the Present Moment of Time? Are we not composed of exploding atoms smashing into each other like orbs of fire and light? This study is now being explored by scientists in the vast world of Quantum Physics and Theoretical Thought Experiments.

We will continue into this expansion of the divinely intuitive Thought Process, as I continue with the people, places and events that occurred in my Visit to New Zealand.

“And indeed We have made above you seven ways–and never are We heedless of creation.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 23, verse 17

To be continued.