ATLANTA ( – ”It was the heart of my visit to Atlanta,” shared the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, with The Final Call, as he described his March 20 address to Muhammad’s Mosque No. 15.

In the city to promote the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March and keynote the mass meeting of the NDABA V reparations conference, Minister Farrakhan delivered his first lecture within the sanctuary of the mosque since the recent renovations under the direction of Southern Regional Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad, that transformed the building’s interior to resemble Mosque Maryam, the flagship mosque at the Nation of Islam’s headquarters in Chicago, Ill.

“I have been with the Minister all over the world, but I have never had the opportunity to bring him on. I thank him for the opportunity to serve,” said Min. Sharrieff in his introductory remarks.


Over 500 guests filled the main sanctuary, while 400 people viewed the lecture on a big screen inside an overflow room; and still close to another 500 people listened on loud speakers in the parking lot.

The core of Minister Farrakhan’s message centered on Surah 29 of the Holy Qur’an, entitled, “The Spider.”

“The enemy of God is always trying to trap us. Satan always appears in what you desire. So does God,” he taught the hushed audience. “You have to become wise to be able to discern the spirit. The outward look is not important. It’s the spirit.”

The spirit of the Believers was further lifted with the recognition of the hard work of pioneer Minister Abdul Rahman Muhammad, who was rewarded with a special photo presentation of himself, which brought him to tears. He worked to lay a foundation in that city with his commitment and sacrifice prior to 1975.

“This is going up in your house,” said Minister Farrakhan, referring to the mosque. “There were soldiers who laid the groundwork for Bro. Sharrieff. One of those soldiers was Minister Rahman. His picture will be in this house.”

Minister Farrakhan was also surprised with another special presentation. Sonya Muhammad, a Believer who was moved by the Spirit of God, donated a check for $30,000 to the Nation’s charities.

“I can only be obedient to what Allah (God) put on my heart. When He put things on my heart, I have to do what he commissions me to do,” she told the audience.

With great love expressed on his face, Minister Farrakhan said, “I don’t take this lightly. I must be responsible and responsive to the needs of my people. Whatever you give, you give from your heart. It is more blessed to give than to receive. When we receive, we must turn around and give to the resurrection of our people.”

He congratulated Min. Sharrieff for his work in the mosque and the city. “The city feels your presence. Soon, this place will be so small,” he said. “I sent him here for 90 days as a trial, to see if he, with your help, could turn Atlanta around. When I come here and see what you have done to clean this place up…” he said, interrupted by thunderous applause from the Believers. “A house is not a home until the people have love for one another,” he added, reminding them of his surprise visit to the mosque Feb. 26 during a special Saviours’ Day program.

“There was so much love,” he recalled, with a warning.

“Don’t forget, you will be tried. Beware of the spider. There’s a gospel song that goes, ‘The devil is mad but we’re so glad’… I think we have snatched back some of the souls he thought he had.”