The Saviours’ Day 2005 Webcast

( – The “book” on American White supremacy committed against the slaves brought here from Africa has been written and it must be opened, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan declared in his 2005 Saviours’ Day address, promising that he has the courage to do it.

The speech, delivered before 5,000 in attendance at Rev. Dr. Johnnie Coleman’s Christ Universal Temple in Chicago, Illinois Feb. 27, celebrated the Birth of Master W. Fard Muhammad, Founder of the Nation of Islam in North America, and Teacher of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It was viewed live by tens of thousands more followers in 130 U.S. cities, in London and the Caribbean via satellite, and by thousands more on the Internet.


“Allah (God) is elevating our consciousness beyond denomination, beyond organizational thrust and ideology to see, by His Grace, the bigger picture,” the Muslim minister said. “We are not poor. We’re just poorly organized. We are not poor in material strength, but (there is) poverty in terms of the mind and spirit.”

The Muslim leader spoke of recent meetings with Christian leaders to plan the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man MarchTM, promising that many of those Christian leaders had dubbed him a “frustrated Baptist preacher” for talking so much about the teachings of Jesus. But his efforts have been successful. In fact, an emissary from the Presiding Bishop Trotter of the Black Pentecostal Church attended the meeting pledging the support of that religious body to the mobilization effort.

“You may not understand why I quote the Bible sometimes more than the Qur’an,” Minister Farrakhan said. “That’s because you do not have my assignment.” His assignment, he explained, is to teach, and unite the faith community embracing the spirit of reform, away from its history of White supremacy.

“I am not trying to undermine or challenge your faith,” he continued, “It’s about making faith real.”

The need for reform
Minister Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day 2005 message was fundamentally spiritual, about the uniqueness of the work begun by Master Fard Muhammad, carried on by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for more than 40 years, and now being continued under his leadership since 1977.

“I have never been an anti-Semite in my life,” Minister Farrakhan declared, concerning the oft-repeated myth about his teaching. “A real Muslim cannot hate a Jew because he practices what is called ‘Judaism.’ A real Muslim will protect the synagogue, a church, and a cloister from anybody who would desecrate a house where the Name of God is remembered. That is a Muslim. Prophet Muhammad never told the people to kill innocent people for political purposes.”

So all the talk today about the so-called “Jihadists” is misguided, and based on a poor understanding of true Islam, he argued, saying Western people need to understand that Islam is not democracy, but a theocracy.

But even with his strong defense of Islam against attacks by influential White neoconservatives in Washington, Minister Farrakhan was unbiased in his critique of corruption and deviation from the righteous path by followers of all the “Abrahamic” faiths–Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

“Muslim hands are not clean. They all have to come and bow down to the book of their own deeds. The Holy Qur’an says, ‘In that day you shall see every nation kneeling down before its book,’ because every nation makes a record of its doings.

“Islam needs to be reformed. Christianity needs to be reformed. Judaism needs to be reformed. The hypocritical world of religion needs to be reformed” virtually across the board, Min. Farrakhan continued.

“You don’t know the record, but God knows the record, and soon, America’s record will be shown to her. As it is being shown to her, she has to make amends, she has to atone, she has to repent. Or God will destroy her.”

“Muslims have lost the way,” he continued. “I love the world of Islam, but it’s a world in revolt against itself, because God is stirring it up from beneath. There are people who want the purity of their religion returned to them, and they are acting out against the rulers who have compromised the Faith of God, in the name of ‘modernity.’

“There are Muslims who are racists. There are Muslims who have been poisoned with this dreaded disease of White supremacy. I didn’t know that there were Black Syrians, until I went to Syria. I didn’t know there were Black Palestinians, until I went to Palestine, in what is called Israel, and I went to Jericho and I saw Black people that looked like we were on 63rd and Cottage Grove.

Many of our people, when they look at the representative of Egypt, would not know that the original Egyptians were Black. But when the Romans and other conquerors came, they mixed their blood. So many of them are mulatto, and some do not like the Black Egyptians.

“I was in the Sudan. I know what the problem was. It never was slavery. The problem was Arabs in the North, Black people, mixed with Arab blood, have a feeling that their ‘Arabism’ was superior to the Blacks in the South who were Christians and animists, and they didn’t share with them the wealth of Sudan.

“I met with John Garang and the rebel leaders. I talked with them for hours. They never told me they were being enslaved. They told me of injustice. And when one tribe would go to war with another, they’ll take a slave, and make a slave,” he said. But, he reminded the audience, “That’s not Islam.”

Black Nationalists have spirituality, but they have been turned off by the “antics of religion,” the Muslim leader explained. “Young people think that religious leaders are ‘pimps’ and ‘hustlers.’ They see us riding in nice cars, living in nice homes, wearing fine clothes. We are lifted by poor people. All they want to know is, are we working to lift the poor?

“All hypocrisy today must end! All hypocrisy today must end! And all hypocrites must be exposed! I am not anti-Semitic. I am not anti-Islam, and I’m sure not anti-Christ, or an anti-Christian. I am anti the hypocrisy, the wickedness, that is carried in the name of righteous men and women of God.”

A Masterful Teacher
Master Fard Muhammad’s star student was, in fact, a masterful teacher, as is Min. Farrakhan, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad’s star pupil.

“You love to exalt the student, because you don’t see the Teacher,” Min. Farrakhan chided. “I’m a product. Malcolm X was a product. Muhammad Ali was a product. Warithudeen Mohammed was a product. We all are the product of a teacher.

“But if there were no Elijah Muhammad, there would not be any Malcolm. If there were no Elijah Muhammad, there would not be any Warithudeen Mohammed. If there were no Elijah Muhammad, there would not be any Muhammad Ali. If there were no Elijah Muhammad, there would not be any Louis Farrakhan.

“Now, all over the country, you are seated in auditoriums, listening to the student of a teacher. I am a product. I don’t have any other teacher. But people in science and religion all over the world listen to a student. What would they do if they could hear the teacher. But the teacher had a Teacher,” he explained.

“On Feb. 26, 1877, Elijah Muhammad’s Teacher was born in the Holy City Mecca, Arabia, as he taught us. He came out of the East, and He came to North America, by Himself.

“He came alone, and He manifested Himself in ‘Black Bottom’ Detroit. He was an Arab. He was a Wise Man, Who had figured out a way to give you life.”

“Master Fard Muhammad came and He met a Black man named Elijah.

“Now, here you are, 400 years living under the whip and the lash of a strange people, and God said He would search the earth for His Lost Sheep, and He would find them and bring them again and settle them on the mountains of Israel. You are the lost brother who has now been found. You are the ‘Prodigal Son’ who now must arise and go back to your Father.

“‘I have come that you may have more life, and have it more abundantly.’ He came to give us life on the spiritual, mental and moral level.

“He’s coming to take you from where you are to where you were in the beginning. That is your destiny. But you cannot stand in the place of God, without the wisdom of God. So, when you come into the Life of God, that’s the ‘Abundant Life.’ That’s your inheritance, to be anointed with His spirit, to be filled with Him.

“When He is in you, then the scripture is fulfilled. ‘Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

There is a higher religious language, Min. Farrakhan explained. “That’s the language that is synergistic. It takes all of the languages and brings them together, so there is One Faith, One Lord, One Baptism. We are One People.

“He came that we may have life. I want to be a reflection of the life of God, of the mind of God. How do you form Christ in the people? How do you form Christ in you? You have to go the way he went.”

“‘If any man would be my disciple, he must first pick up, whose cross?” he asked the audience. “Your cross, and what? And ‘follow me.’”

Standing with God
Min. Farrakhan used entertainer Michael Jackson as an example of faith and spirituality. Mr. Jackson has been coming into political consciousness lately. And certain rich, powerful forces in this country don’t want him to use that new spirituality to “wake up the legions of his fans who are Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Baptist, Buddhist, Nation of Islam and Orthodox Islam. He has fans everywhere. The (enemy) said, they must get him and destroy him. That’s their plan.”

“I said to Michael there’s a time when friends can help you. There’s a time when your money can help you. There’s a time when your lawyers can help you,” Min. Farrakhan shared. “But there’s also another time, when all the forces are arrayed against you and your money can’t help you, your friends can’t help you and your lawyers look powerless.

“I said, that’s the time, Michael, that you don’t put your faith or your trust in your money, lawyers or friends. That’s the time, Michael, you put your trust and faith in your Creator. I said, by whatever name you call Him, you go to Him now! Stay with Him, and He will deliver you out of the hands of your enemies.

“If you stand with God, and fear nobody but God, if it pleases God, He will deliver you. He will make you victorious over your enemies.”

In his last seconds before his satellite time expired, Min. Farrakhan shifted the weight once again to his own shoulders, challenging the U.S. government, which he earlier described as treading the path of Pharaoh. “So, I say, like President Bush. No matter what you have planned for me: Bring it on!” the Muslim leader concluded.