On December 4, 2004 I asked the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan: Brother Minister, in a recent web cast you informed us, in a very brief manner, what led to your inviting Dr. Alim to your bedside when you were convalescing, to put on his mind that to which he later responded to, in a letter, that led to the formation of The Commission and the start of their work.

You wanted to pattern the next stage of the Nation’s development more along the lines of the structure and function of the human body. When were you first conscious of this idea and what was the progression of that guidance Allah put you on?

Minister Farrakhan: I don’t exactly know when, but I’m sure it’s been happening over a long period of time. First, starting with the learning of the nine systems of the human body and the tenth–they never talk about the tenth, they say nine–but when I looked at the Student Enrollment and the ten questions, and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad talking about “the big ten”–the nine planets and the sun as the tenth–I related that to the human body.


And as I, over years, read the writings of Paul and he says, “What if the body were all eye, where would the hearing be, and if it were all ear, where would the seeing be?” He started relating things of the human body to teach the early Christians about the difference of organs and their different purpose, but they’re working for the common good of this thing called the human body. He was trying to get the early Christians to respect differences, but these differences were absolutely necessary to promote the work of the Kingdom of God.

Then I remembered, in my limited study of Biology and from the Holy Qur’an, that we start from a single essence of sperm, as the Qur’an calls it “worthless water,” that mixed with ovum in the right environment at the right time produces the first cell of life and how that cell divides and then multiplies and the organism grows from a very simple organism, with one function, to a very complex organism with many functions serving one great purpose.

I looked at the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s writings, talking about the forms that we filled out and it goes through nine laborers. Then, I looked at the mathematical language–one through nine, then zero. I know that all of this is related. I looked at how the Saviour, to Whom praise is due (really forever), organized the Nation, where the Minister, Captain, Secretary, Sister Captain and you have lieutenant, inspector, investigator, the teaching instructor.

I looked at how he set this up and I said, “Well, this is the simple structure that can be evolved into the complex structure when you start thinking Nation.” There’s nothing that the Saviour did that doesn’t have far-reaching implications; nothing that the Saviour said or did can be thrown away, but must be looked into, because in it is the germ of where you want to go.

Laying in the hospital, which brings you to the realization of your mortality, and then looking at our Nation and seeing it revolving around a charismatic personality, and knowing that personality will one day be gone from us, then if you love your Nation and you love the people, you don’t want the people to revolve around your person or your personality, but to revolve around the principles that undergird your person and your personality that makes you magnetic or attractive to the people.

I was in the hospital on the last day of October or the first of November. The operation was the first of November, so this had to be the latter part of November or very early December. I’m in a home on the banks of the Potomac River, which one of the Sisters, Protocol Sister Brenda; her cousin has a home there and he allowed me the use of that home. So next, I’m laying there, thinking, from the middle of November to around the second or third week in December.

Now, as I laid there, not able to walk well, I mean I was in a very, very difficult condition. My mind, of course, is on the Believers, on the Nation and on the future of this when I am no longer in the world.

So, I called Minister Alim to my bedside to share with him my anguish. My anguish was over my knowing that the Nation would not survive in its present form. It had to evolve beyond where it was in order to make room for the talented people that are in the Nation, but more, the talented people that are outside of the Nation. But if we could not make use of the talent that has come to faith, then God would never send us the talent that is yet in their mental grave.

So I told him my concern, my anguish. Then, I mentioned structure. I mentioned organization, that there must be a minister. The minister carries the word and the guidance for the mosque. So, if you have nine ministries, then you must have someone who is the prime minister serving that particular function. But he needs a captain, not necessarily called captain, but somebody who executes on the instructions of the head.

You need a secretary to take the minutes of the meetings and the records of the function of that ministry. You need lieutenants who teach and train the functionaries of your ministry when your ministry becomes statewide; when it becomes national; when it becomes international.

All these are your lieutenants, though that’s not the actual titles, but they function as that because they are under the orders of an executive and they are in the field teaching and training the private soldiers.

Then, you have an investigator, somebody who looks to see if something is going wrong in the ministry. Or you’re sending something out, it’s not coming back as you would like. Then, this person, whatever their title is, would compare to the Saviour’s naming of an investigator.

He investigates. Then, he charges or he brings his facts or his findings to the executive officer. Then, they make a charge or they make a correction.

You have an inspector, who knows how things should go. He travels to inspect, to see that things are being carried out in the manner.

I said to myself, “Everything that Master Fard Muhammad gave to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a seed that when watered–in the right environment over time–would produce the fulfillment of what He gave us in seed form in 1930 to 1934 when He departed.


I am a witness of the fact that Minister Farrakhan has been pondering the future of the Nation, the problems of its future and more, for many years now. Some things he said were put on tape and other points were not.

The point here is that it all came together, just as you read above, and under the circumstances that it did. Allah’s timing is perfect.

More of the birth of The Commission, next issue, Allah willing.