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“Verily in Joseph and his brethren there are signs for the inquirers. When they said: Certainly Joseph and his brother are dearer to our father than we, though we are a (strong) company. Surely our father is in manifest error–Slay Joseph or banish him to some (other) land, so that your father’s regard may be exclusively for you, and after that you may be a righteous people.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 12, verses 7-9

I realized that many of us who were acknowledged as some of the pioneers at the banquet dinner and festivities on October 15 are retracing our footsteps since our coming to the Nation of Islam beginning 35, 50 or more years ago. We have come to a turning point in our Nation’s history in which our testimonies of persons, places and events have become critical in this phase of the resurrection of our people. This is helping others of this current generation to see more clearly what lies in front of us as we continue our journey with the Wise Master, Almighty God Allah.

(Above) The home of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. (insert) Star and Cresent of the Salaam Restaurant overlooking the South Side of Chicago. Photos: Hakeem Khaaliq

I am writing this article from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as we return to the scene where my testimony continues to cover some of the past events surrounding the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Let me state that I did not take part in the decision that was made by others to transport him from Mexico to Chicago’s Mercy Hospital. This move occurred in the dead of winter in January 1975.

I was devastated and could hardly believe the actions that took place at that time. I remembered his words to me in late December or early January of that year about a plot that was being unleashed to take his life, which also included myself. In coming out of the coma in Mexico, you may recall from last week’s article entitled, “They Think I’m Going to Die,” that he was beginning to reveal to me the circumstances under which he would escape. After lapsing into another coma a few weeks later, a plan was then executed on the part of others to take him to Chicago on his private jet. I witnessed him being placed in an automobile while the intravenous feedings were still connected to his arm, while the nurse was seated next to him in the backseat. They drove him from my sight to the highway that would take him to the airfield of Mexico City’s airport to board the private jet.

Immediately thereafter, I raced to call a taxi to follow after them, accompanied by the late daughter of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Sis. Ethel Sharrieff and her husband Bro. Raymond Sharrieff. We raced to the airport to the airfield, only to see his private jet taxiing on the runway. It was too late to board.

I experienced the wrenching pain of seeing his departure and trying to plan how to take the next available commercial flight headed to Chicago. I discovered that my entry papers to Mexico had been destroyed preventing me from leaving the country immediately. I was also accompanied by my eldest son, Ishmael. We managed to find a late evening flight headed to Chicago that arrived later that night. After clearing customs, we drove immediately to the hospital, only to be told that there were instructions left at the front desk that only the immediate family members were allowed to be with him. I had no alternative but to return to the Palace residence to await word about his condition.

Several days later, a telephone call came to the Palace from the hospital. It was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who had survived the journey and had come out of the coma and was asking for me. I quickly went to the hospital to be by his side, when he explained to me some details of what was taking place with a reference to the plot that he had disclosed. When I asked him what I should do under those circumstances, he replied, “Take refuge in Allah.”

How might this history apply today to the life of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan? Is there a similar plot in the making to take the life of Minister Farrakhan? Would the circumstances be similar to what happened to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

After that disclosure, I visited him every day, being somewhat numb in terms of trying to study those who were around me, and who among them might be involved in the plot. The Holy Qur’an speaks of Muhammad being unaware of the hypocrites and states that, even though he did not know them, Almighty God Allah knew them, and it would only be a matter of time before they would be made manifest.

He had taught me well how to open and read the Holy Qur’an for Divine guidance. It was within a few days when I opened the Holy Qur’an, on one such occasion, directly to Surah 4 entitled, “Al Nisa: The Women,” to verses 157-159: “And for their saying: We have killed the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, the messenger of Allah, and they killed him not, nor did they cause his death on the cross, but he was made to appear to them as such. And certainly those who differ therein are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge about it, but only follow a conjecture, and they killed him not for certain: Nay, Allah exalted him in His presence. And Allah is ever Mighty, Wise. And there is none of the People of the Book but will believe in this before his death; and on the day of Resurrection he will be a witness against them.”

I felt relieved to have opened to this passage and was excited to share it with some of the older members of the immediate family at the hospital, while the Messenger had lapsed once again into another coma. In addition to this finding of the Holy Qur’an, I had dreamed during the night that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad appeared in a weakened state and was being helped to a place of safety. On one side of him was one of his grandsons and on the other a person that I could not recognize. He was being taken through a wooded forest into a cottage where a mature woman was awaiting his arrival. As he entered this small cottage in the forest, I recognized Spanish tiles similar to those used predominantly in Mexico and in America’s Southwest. I recalled once again when he first awakened in the hospital and I was present after he called me, he looked around in the room and asked where he was. They told him he was in Chicago. He seemed disappointed and stated that he thought he was in Mexico.

“So when they took him away and agreed to put him down at the bottom of the pit, We revealed to him: Thou wilt certainly inform them of this affair of theirs while they perceive not.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 12, verse 15

To be continued.