My former karate instructor used to say that one way to help you get what you want is to help others get what they want. He made this comment in reference to every higher ranking belt (blue, brown and black) having to work with a lower belt (white, yellow and orange belt). Why? It helps to keep you sharp on your katas, or forms, and also helps the other student learn them.

In the same light, a personal trainer who is willing to give suggestions to people when asked, not just when being paid, is more likely to accumulate clients at a more rapid rate than the trainer who just waits for everyone to sign up for training. Why? The generous trainer is gaining a reputation for helping, and it is a divine law that good begets good.

The Holy Qur’an states in Surah 6, verse 161: “Whoever brings a good deed will have tenfold like it, and whoever brings an evil deed will be recompensed only with the like of it, and they shall not be wronged.”


What lesson can we learn from the gym or dojo? How can we relate this to our Nation? Have you noticed that the churches or mosques that are willing to help other churches or mosques tend to be more successful than a mosque or church that is not willing to lend a helping hand? Have you noticed the brothers and sisters that help others always seem to have blessings coming to them in spite of the difficulties they may experience?

Once we obtain health or reach our fitness goal or weight, then what? Maintenance. This is the difficult part if we have not made health a way of life. If we have not made Islam (peace) a way of life, it is difficult to stay in a state of peace. My reason for wanting to stay fit is not just to look good, but I want peace. It is hard to be in a state of peace when you are in pain from ailments.

If religion is a system of beliefs to help us get to God, what do we do once we get there? The Supreme Wisdom given to us tells us that, after learning Islam, we must learn to use it and secure some benefit while you are living. We have to learn how to place the spirit of Allah (God) in everything we do: our work, family, dress, behavior and health. It is one thing to profess righteousness, but the key is to practice it.

Many people may be able to lose weight, but so many more find it difficult to stay healthy. Islam is not about discussing peace; it is about living and creating it in everything we do. Being fit is not about being skinny; it is about being free of disease (dis-ease) and practicing the lifestyle that will help create good health.

In the book, “Forty Hadith,” the thirteenth Hadith states, “None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.” Why do we not help others? Don’t we want good health for ourselves and others? The Holy Qur’an says that no good deed will go unrewarded. Let us eat to live, get fit for life while helping others do the same.

Please consult a physician before beginning any new workout or dietary plan.

(Audrey Muhammad is a certified personal trainer and aerobic instructor. Questions may be sent to [email protected] Visit her website at