… he was taken away from the overspreading of wickedness … .
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Brother Jabril: Now, Brother Minister, talk to me for a moment about the time you received the order to put up your music.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan: Well, I was playing in a nightclub in Greenwich Village in New York, called The Village Barn. I could not come to the mosque on that particular Sunday because I had to do a matinee show at the time of the mosque meeting. But after I completed my show and my responsibility to the night club, I came uptown to the Temple No. 7 luncheonette on 120th Street and Lenox Avenue to chat with the Muslims and get a bowl of bean soup.


When I got in the restaurant and sat down to order my soup, one of the Believers (I don’t remember who he was) sat down and said to me, “Man you know, the order came down today that all the musicians would have to get out of music or get out the mosque or out of the temple.” This came as a shock to me. So, I didn’t drink the soup right then. I got up and I walked out of the restaurant and I walked East on 120th Street, maybe 20, 30 paces thinking as to what I was going to do. And in that 20 to 30 paces, the thought came to me, “I can live without music. But I cannot live without the truth.”

So, I turned right around and went back in the restaurant and sat down and had my bowl of soup.

Our dear departed Brother Captain Yusuf Shah learned that somebody had said that to me. He was very angry, because he wanted to be the one to break it to me in a gentle way and measure my reaction. When he came, I told him “I already made my decision, Brother. I’m giving up show business.”

I had until the end of December. This was around the first of December, during Ramadan or something like that. I had to the end of December to make that decision.

Brother Jabril: 1955?

Minister Farrakhan: Yes, it was the end of 1955. That’s correct.

Brother Jabril: And you just stopped?

Minister Farrakhan: Yes. In fact, it was in November. It was not in December, but I had to the end of December to make the decision, but this order came down in November, one month after I had been a registered Muslim.

Brother Jabril: What then led to and what were the circumstances (which were preparatory) under which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to you, “You don’t have to study.” ?

Minister Farrakhan: Well, he made me his National Representative and allowed me to carry on his national broadcast. He wrote me a letter and gave me some subject matter in a letter for four weeks, which I would have to deliver. After the four weeks, he was very pleased. He said, “You can go on a little longer.”

As I went on longer, he was pleased. So after six months or so, he said, “You can go on for six years.”

More of his words, next article, Allah willing.


The Divine Supreme Being has always used supreme wisdom and power, perfectly over every one and every thing.

Now, until Master Fard Muhammad openly began His work in America, of preparing a teacher for us in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, almost no one really knew that human history went back into the trillions of years. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that our history goes back before what we now call the universe.

Of our history before 6,000 years ago, he taught us only a very tiny bit. He said that knowledge will be taught to us at the right time. However, the principle I’m about to mention applies to man’s history now, as well as before this world was born a little over 6,000 years ago.

It’s this. The means by which a person, a group or a people rise to power, influence, authority and control or sway over others always has been the same means by which they retained that power, etc. If a person, a group or a people gained authority, power, etc. by evil methods, they could only retain that status by making changes for the better before inevitably being ousted from power. This is based on a deeper law of the nature of Allah Himself. Today, this law is with Minister Farrakhan and those with him.

The history of the last 6,000 years shows that there were good people who gained something of power, etc., but were overcome by evil people due to Allah’s permission to grant time to the god of this world to try to fill the earth with wickedness.

If we were to study the leadership of this 6,000-year-old world, what would we find was their way of gaining ascendancy, preeminence, advantage, dominance, command, power, authority or rule? History shows that, for the most part, during the reign of this world’s god, men (and a few women) who gain power, etc., always gained it by a combination of intrigue, subterfuge, half-truths and outright lies, slander in every form and, of course, murder. That was this god’s will.

How different were the methods of the past rulers of America, on all levels? What of the current race for the presidency? Are the methods used righteously? Regardless to whom wins, will we see, soon after, the complete fulfillment of Isaiah 19:2, wherein God says He will thoroughly set His enemies against each other? In their madness, will the persecution of the righteous increase to the maximum? Will there be a lull or lulls?

I’m among the grateful that Allah–the Best Knower–chose for us the Messiah to get us on the road to our salvation and to nationhood. I’m grateful that He made Minister Farrakhan for the Messiah to say and do as he does. We were too ignorant to vote for the best.

The Messiah told Minister Farrakhan that he will get all of his people through him. But you say, “he does not yet have even a million followers for his teacher.” Nevertheless, the process of this getting is going on now. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated that everyone will say, when engulfed in the full chastisement, that “That man told us right.” The event–touched on page 19 of The Fall of America–will compel the realization that he and his chief witness bearer–Minister Farrakhan–taught the truth.

Psalms 110:3 states that “thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power.” Willing to do what? Follow Minister Farrakhan to his teacher.

One day, the Messiah told me: “Brother, I know the exact year I will have 10,000,000 followers!” No, he didn’t tell me the year. He also said he will get beyond that number, too. But it’s clear that the effect of Minister Farrakhan’s work is definitely bringing this in, despite all the forces working against him.

This Saviours’ Day will become even more significant to us after the upcoming presidential election.

Minister Farrakhan’s work during this Saviours’ Day reminds me of the Messiah’s words about the hows and the whys of Jesus’ way when the soldiers came to arrest him.

More next issue, Allah willing.