(FinalCall.com) – The recently released movie “The Manchurian Candidate” has “aspirations to be science fiction”–but the more research director Jonathan Demme did for the movie, the more he discovered that mind control experimentation is “either happening or they’re out there trying to make it happen.”

The “Manchurian Candidate” is an unwitting assassin brainwashed and programmed to kill. Starring Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep and Liev Schreib, the movie is a remake of a 1962 film starring Frank Sinatra, Angela Lansbury and Laurence Harvey. Giving award-winning performances, Meryl Streep, a manipulating mother and senator, and Denzel Washington, U.S. Army Major Bennett Marco, a tormented soldier deprived of sleep. Major Marco is regularly tormented by bizarre and shocking dreams, making him believe there may be some truth to them.

In his book, “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate,” former State Department officer John Marks uses Freedom of Information released documents of the CIA’s highly secret program of experiments in mind control. His book suggests that some of these experiments might still be around, not necessarily in the CIA but, as a reviewer of the book writes, “in subcontractors and middle management who keep their own research records and staff.”


This is not to discount the government’s direct involvement. According to psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin’s book, “The War Against Children of Color,” the government’s highest ranking psychiatrist at the time, Frederick Goodwin in 1992, planned a “psychiatric ‘violence prevention initiative’ that would identify inner-city children with presumed biological and genetic defects.”

In the transcript of a speech to the Mental Health Leadership Forum delivered by Mr. Goodwin, the former head of the now-defunct Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration, he compared inner-city youth with “male monkeys, especially in the wild,” stating that “roughly half of them survive to adulthood; the other half die by violence. That is the natural way of it for males,” who he called “hyper-aggressive” and “hypersexual”, reproducing more to offset those that are killed. Mr. Goodwin’s plan included use of psychothropic or mind-altering drugs and psychiatric-penal institutions with the capacity for total behavioral management.

The movie, however, portrays multinational corporations in control. In the remake, Manchurian Global Corporation replaces Manchuria depicted in the first movie, as a corporate group rather than the communist-run location where mind control is administered. Kuwait is the new location; the Korean War is replaced by the Gulf War. The original depicted a political assassination pulled from theaters after John F. Kennedy was killed in 1963. In the new film, the assassination plot is wedged between the Democratic and Republican Conventions, a few months before the presidential election. A sinister military-industrial investment firm, Manchurian Global Corporation, led by “ex-presidents, deposed kings”–which bears a striking resemblance to the real-life Carlyle Group, whose advisers have included George H.W. Bush–profits from U.S. wars and plots to put in power a vice presidential candidate who it controls.

In the original movie, the communist press denounced it as “poison, the most vicious attempt yet made to cash in on Soviet-American tensions.” Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen describes the latest version as tapping “into the Left’s current Zeitgeist (trend of thought)” believing in “the Carlyle conspiracy,” accusing the movie of somehow being “about a deracinated type of anti-Semitism in which the mysterious evil ones are not Jews anymore and not really Gentiles either, but merely the veiled powerful who control so much.”

Mr. Cohen also mentions the film’s “Michael Moore sensibilities,” suggesting a new crop of movies and documentaries that are designed to bash the administration, such as “Fahrenheit 9-11,” “Control Room” and “The Corporation.”

These films offer different takes on how America’s post 9-11 military industrial complex works. “The Corporation” suggests that corporations are devoid of the consequences of their actions resulting in “countless cases of illness, death, poverty, pollution, exploitation and lies.” Using actual diagnostic criteria to analyze the “personality” of the corporate “person,” the movie depicts it as “highly anti-social; it is self-interested, inherently amoral, callous and deceitful… and it doesn’t suffer from guilt.”

And it is willing to do almost anything to manipulate consumers and sell its products, according to movie’s Initiative Corporation, which spent $22 billion worldwide placing its clients’ advertising in every imaginable–and some unimaginable–media: “The Nag Factor,” a study designed not to help parents cope with their children’s nagging, but to help corporations design their ads and promotions so that children would nag for their products more effectively.

According to recent news reports about the Democratic and upcoming Republican Conventions, the reason that the Republications are not making a stink of all the money being spent by big corporations to influence the Democrats and their convention is because the same corporations will likely change suits to show up with suitcases full of cash to influence the Republican Convention.

Although “The Manchurian Candidate” focuses on corporate manipulation of the presidential election, no political party is mentioned.