“When the heaven bursts asunder … . O man thou must strive a hard striving (to attain) to thy Lord, until thou meet Him.” (-Holy Qur’an 25:25; 84:1, 6)

It’s my conviction that the speech delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan May 23, 2004 was so significantly vital to the fate of America and the nations of the earth that it ought to be made into one of the most beautiful books ever seen. It should be printed in the most excellent manner. It ought to be made into an impressive looking, hardback book. It ought to be in every library in the United States of America. And, it should be translated into many languages of the people of the earth and be in every major library of every nation on earth.

Furthermore, it ought to be made the basis of a worldwide conference involving the top religious scholars of the earth.


In my last article I wrote: “We can convey a truth in a way that contributes to misunderstanding. One way is by being too brief. If you paint a picture in two minutes, that naturally takes an hour, you won’t communicate effectively.

“Go to a Black man or woman and say: ‘Accept your own and be yourself.’ What will happen?”

The further back you go in time–let’s say the 1940s or the ’50s–the more often you would get an answer that manifested how much we were still slaves to the slavemaster’s lies about our identity and our place in the sun.

Nowadays, Brothers or Sisters give answers that are coming ever closer to God’s perfect truth of ourselves and the glorious future He has already determined for us–the next rulers of the world.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that Master Fard Muhammad summed up His teachings to us in six words: “Accept your own and be yourself.”

Now, what is our own and who are we? Suppose you were told that you are, by nature, exactly what the Divine Supreme Being is, and by rights of your innate relationship to Him, you are an owner of the universe. That’s right, you’re a god and the universe is yours.

“That’s crazy.” Is that how most will react? I suppose some will say worse as we look into the relevance of Minister Farrakhan’s warnings to the Biblical statement: “Prepare Me a body and I will go down and redeem man.”

Have you ever seen a house on fire, either in person or via the TV? Often, if the fire is not put out in time, the house explodes. This kind of explosion is defined as “the sudden bursting with a loud noise, or shattering of something into many pieces.”

What specifically occurs that triggers or produces that critical point, that critical moment, when an immediate or sudden or instant change takes place and produces a terrific explosion?

How does this apply to the intention of the most wicked to disgrace or ruin and then assassinate Minister Farrakhan? What kind of explosion would that move on him produce? Then what does “explosion” mean, in this context?

One meaning of the word “explosion” in this context is “the sudden and forceful appearance of somebody or something, or sudden and forceful beginning of something.”

The Captain of the Detroit police force warned those less knowledgeable than he to be extremely careful how they handled the man they had in custody, under the name of Mr. Wallace D. Fard, for He “was a capsule of the highest explosives.”

Meaning what? I cannot speak for that man’s views. But I bear witness that it would have been the worst imaginable thing that could ever happen to this country and world if He allowed them to mishandle Him to any degree beyond that which He permitted–it would have been the mother of all explosions. (For more on this, read “Message to the Blackman,” pages 24-26.)

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught in the early 1930s that Master Fard Muhammad was the fulfillment of many prophecies, including what is written in the 14th and 16th chapters of John, under such titles as the “Comforter” or the “Advocate.”

These passages read that Jesus said that the Father (God) would send another man, in his name, whom he referred to as the Comforter, the Counselor, the Advocate, the Helper. Jesus said this other man would come in his name and he shall take those to whom he spoke and their followers into the whole range of truth. He would make them remember everything that he (Jesus) taught them.

Jesus spoke about the necessity for him to go away. Furthermore, he (Jesus) said that he would send this person to them.

Then, in broad terms, he described the work that this other one would do, which was a universal work; meaning, his work would affect the whole of humanity. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote this of Master Fard Muhammad in the newspaper he published in the early 1930s. Its title was: The Final Call.

Many years later, he came to view himself as fulfilling these same passages of John, chapters 14 and 16. So did those of us who studied him more carefully than did others. These passages, I’ve just condensed and paraphrased from the gospel of John, were taught by Christian theologians for centuries to have been spoken at what they call “The Last Supper,” 2,000 years ago. These prophecies of the 14th and 16th chapters of John are being fulfilled today in the history of the Nation of Islam.

During this meal (thought to have occurred 2,000 years ago), Jesus said that Peter would fall, but rise again and do a great work for Jesus with his followers and beyond. (This also happened with Aaron, who said after his rise: “your Lord is the Beneficent God, so follow me and obey my order.” (Holy Qur’an 20:90) In both cases their “falls” were factors in God’s plans for them to do great works.

Jesus and his followers were convinced that God’s government had begun with his work and that it was about to be established in their lifetime. This is clear from the text of any translation of The New Testament.

Remember, Jesus stated in clear terms that there were some standing in his presence–people who were then alive–who would also be physically alive when God’s kingdom or government would be set up on this earth.

So, at what was called The Last Supper, Jesus spoke both of the future work of Peter and the coming and work of this special helper. Was he speaking of two different men or was he speaking of the same man? We got to deal with this.

According to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, said He would kill 10 of their best for their killing one of His least. What, then, would He do if they made their best effort to kill His best–the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? Of course, the wickedly wise of this world heard him teach this. Moreover, they had experience with the effectiveness of his words.

Nevertheless, some of them made an all-out effort to assassinate the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. They failed. But why didn’t the explosion take place back then–in 1975?

More next issue, Allah willing.