HOUSTON (FinalCall.com) – On April 13, members of the Local Action Committee for Reparations (LAC) showed their resolve by maintaining a presence at City Hall for seven hours.

Under heavy security scrutiny from the Houston Police Department (HPD) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), LAC members rallied outside beginning at 12 noon. Protestors heard from a bevy speakers that blazed the bullhorn disturbing the usually tranquil reflecting pool setting. the Red, Black and Green Flag led the small march into city hall.

Along with posters and chants, the rally was graced with a special guest named “STRANGE FRUIT.” He is a life-sized representation of a Black man being lynched with a noose around his neck, blood running from his mouth and his hands tied behind his back. As people signed the national NDABA petition for reparations, “STRANGE FRUIT” with his neck-hanging limp seemed to make the participants reflect on the many forgotten ancestors that never received justice.


Houston City Council took approximately three hours questioning a small number of speakers on other city business, keeping the reparations study resolution speakers and the large contingent of media at bay. Standing united, the LAC chose Minister Robert Muhammad of the Nation of Islam Muhammad’s Mosque No. 45 to deliver its main message for the day. City Councilwoman Ada Edwards, backed by Councilmember Ronald Green, moved Min. Robert up on the agenda. His remarks, entitled “A Message from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan,” solicited loud applause from LAC members.

“Mayor White, what has happened today is ultimate disrespect for our community. You have a brilliant mind, but you are arrogant and you are receiving bad advice on this issue. It is one thing to get bad advice; it is another thing to follow it,” he said. “You can arrest activists, but let me see you arrest thunder, let me see you put lightning in jail.”

He further warned, “God’s Judgment will come down on you, watch the weather. Do the right thing: Put the resolution on the agenda”

In a 10-minute oration, Min. Robert commanded the full attention of all council people and aides remained in the chamber after 6:00 pm. Mayor White described his remarks as “eloquent,” saying he would seek counsel on how to proceed on the issue.

M.J. Khan is the only person of color yet to declare his support for the resolution. He admitted that he could no longer use the rationale that a resolution supporting Congressman John Conyers’ “H.R. 40 bill” was not city business.