“And it came to pass, when the time was come that he should be received up, he steadfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem …” (Luke 9:51)


Allah said, “O Jesus, now I will recall you and raise you up to Myself and cleanse you of (the uncongenial company and the filthy environment of) those who have rejected you …'” (Maududi’s translation of the Qur’an. Read commentary in Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive??? Starting with page 35.)



The above is highly relevant to the illuminating speech delivered today, Easter Sunday, by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.


As I watched Minister Farrakhan speak, those scriptural passages were among my thoughts.


Now, how much do we recall of his speech? Can we say we really understand this speech without a real study of its contents and how Allah guided him to put the teachings together?

My last article ended with: “As she crawled away from the brutal man I heard her sob out, ‘Oh, Lord Jesus, how long shall I suffer this way!'”


That poor Sister, whose children were ripped from her, was taught about Jesus by those who hated her!


Here is an example of that teaching. One white pastor in the 1800s put it:


“I now come to lay before you the duties you owe to your masters and mistresses here upon earth.


“…You have one general rule that you ought always to carry in your minds–and that is–to do all service for them, as if you did it for GOD himself.


“…that what faults you are guilty of towards your masters and mistresses are faults done against God himself, who hath set your masters and mistresses over you, in his own stead, and expects that you will do for them, just as you would do for him… . Do not think that I want to deceive you, when I tell you that your masters and mistresses are God’s overseers, and that if you are faulty towards them, God himself will punish you severely for it in the next world, unless you repent of it, and strive to make amends by your faithfulness and diligence… .


“you have, at the same time, this comfort, that if any of your owners should prove wicked overseers, and use you, who are his under servants here, as they ought not to do; though you must submit to it, and can have no remedy in this world, yet when God calls you and them together face to face before him in the next world, and examines into these matters, he will do you strict justice, and punish those that have been bad stewards and overseers over you with the greater severity, as they had more of this world entrusted to their care … whatever you have suffered unjustly here, God will make you amends for it in heaven.


“… From this great general rule, namely, that you are to do all service for your masters and mistresses, as if you did it for GOD himself, there arise several other rules of duty towards your masters and mistresses, which I shall endeavour to lay in order before you.


“1. You are to be obedient and subject to your masters in all things.


“Not answering again or murmuring, or gainsaying. God requires of you that whatever your masters and mistresses order you to do, you must set about it immediately, and faithfully perform it without any disputing or grumbling… in heaven, while you are honestly and faithfully doing your master’s business here, you are not to take any exceptions to the behavior of your masters and mistresses… you are to be subject and obedient, not only to such as are good, gently, and mild towards you, but also to such as may be forward, peevish, and hard. For you are not at liberty to choose your own masters, you must not do a thing which you know is contrary to his will. But in everything else, you must obey your owners; and GOD requires it of you.


“2. That you do not consider how great a sin it is to be so, and how severely GOD will punish you for it. You may easily deceive your owners and make them have an opinion of you that you do not deserve, and get the praise of men by it. But, remember, that you cannot deceive Almighty God, who sees your wickedness and deceit, and will punish you accordingly … as unto Christ … from the heart … as to the Lord, and not as to men … and his eyes are always upon me, and taking notice of me … do what GOD commands you, and serve your masters with singleness of heart–that is, with honesty and sincerity… with fear and trembling.


“3. You are to be faithful and honest to your masters and mistresses–not purloining (or wasting their goods or substance) but showing all good fidelity in all things.


“If you were to rob or steal from others, you know that it would be a very bad thing and how severely the law would punish you for it. But if your master is robbed of what belongs to him by your wastefulness of negligence, do not you think it is wicked?


“Do not your masters, under GOD, provide for you? And how shall they be able to do this, to feed and to clothe you, unless you take honest care of everything that belongs to them? Remember that GOD requires this of you, and if you are not afraid of suffering for it here, you cannot escape the vengeance of Almighty GOD–And tho’ you could manage so cunningly as to escape the eyes and hands of man, yet think what a dreadful thing it is to fall into the hands of the living GOD, who is able to cast both soul and body into hell.


“4. You are to do your master’s service with good will, doing it as the will of GOD, from the heart, without any sauciness or answering again… They have ways and means in their hands of forcing you to do your work, whether you are willing or not. But your murmuring and grumbling is against GOD, who hath placed you in that service, who will punish you severely in the next world for despising his commands.


“Thus I have endeavored to show you why you ought to serve GOD, and what duty in particular you owe to him; I have also shown you that while you are serving your masters and mistresses, or doing anything that God hath commanded, you are the same time, serving him; and have endeavored to show you what duty or service you owe to your owners, in obedience to GOD, and that in so plain a manner, as I hope the greatest part of you did well understand … consider well… Think upon it, and talk about it one with another, and strive to fix it on your memories. And may GOD of his infinite mercy grant, that it may sink deep into your hearts, and taking root there, may bring forth in you the fruit of good living…”


This illustrates the un-divine message to the Black Man as taught by the slavemasters. The same is still being taught today, but it’s far more subtle.


More next issue, Allah willing.