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(Pharaoh speaking to Moses): “Said he: Hast thou come to us to turn us out of our land by thy enchantment, ‘O Moses? We too can bring to thee enchantment like it, so make an appointment between us and thee, which we break not, (neither) we nor thou, (in) a central place. (Moses) said: your appointment is the day of the festival and let the people be gathered in the early forenoon.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 20, Verses 57-59

All of the forces of nature seemed to respond to the divine call made in the sacred valley of Mexico on the day of the festival of the spring equinox. On the afternoon of the second day of the concert, March 21, the wind began howling around noon, a little before our performance.


It appeared as if the dust was raised at times, like a thin curtain of ashes released from the crystal urn of Quetzalcoatl, as legend purports, blowing more furiously as the day continued into the night, upsetting the tents on the grounds, blowing chairs around and shaking the stage and the actors during the performance of the commissioned opera on the legend of the gods of Tepozteco. Truly, many commented, this is a sign of the god of the wind, Ehecatle, to whom homage was paid in the story version of the opera presented by composer and conductor, Federico Alvarez Del Toro.

Added to the above, the whirling dervishes, with their broad white skirts and circular movement, intertwined with the magical Arabic chants praising Allah, the almighty, seemed to whip the atmosphere in keeping with the mystical dance performance and sound of the musical score. Compounding the experience, we were later told by eyewitnesses about unusual luminous lights observed in the valley during those two days, as reported in my previous two articles, all signs seem to indicate that we were definitely not alone.

In this article and the one to follow, I wish to focus on the musicians themselves and their special quality of musicianship and spirituality as they played their instruments in harmony with the cosmos, and the music of the spheres, “When the Stars Came Down to Earth.”

Have you ever had the feeling that you were outside of your body and stepping into another world? What does this world look like and how does it feel? Would you think you were dead or alive and would you know the difference?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has stated that our histories are written in the stars. He has further stated that the whole scope of Master Fard Muhammad’s teachings is astronomy. How do we read our histories in the stars? Tracing the cosmology origins of the Skidi Pawnee tribe of the plain Indians of Nebraska, a star map cosmology is presented in a book manuscript published by author, Von Del Chamberlain, in 1982, bearing this title: “When Stars Came Down to Earth: Cosmology of the Skidi Pawnee Indians of North America.”

The intriguing part of his testimony, through careful research, is that there is a consistent and repeated star-mapping of the universe connected to every original people around our planet, which claims our common descent from the stars. I will cover more details on this subject in upcoming articles, Allah willing.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has further taught us that before there was sun, moon and stars to light up our universe, there sparkled a single atom of life, a brain cell of thought that exploded into sound and light and form with such force that it is constantly bringing up objects into our view. Almighty God is now present and is intervening in the affairs of men and nations to bring to naught the world we have known, as we stand on the threshold of something altogether new.

It is in this context of participating in a new world of thought that I wish to focus on these special musicians, their spirituality and the special instruments they played as a prelude to a new cosmic drama being performed in a new time, where the melody of the soul and the heart is one and the lovers and their beloved is one, almighty God Allah!


“And whoso comes to Him a believer, having done good deeds, for them are high ranks–Gardens of perpetuity, wherein flow rivers, to abide therein. And such is the reward of him who purifies himself.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 20, verses 75 &’76


To be continued.