Bob Woodward’s new book verifies truth revealed in Minister Farrakhan’s letter of warning to Bush

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

( – The verity of the warning given by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in a Dec. 1, 2001 letter to President George Bush against the war that the president was considering at that time has been confirmed by a recounting of events and documents in a highly anticipated new book.

The truth that President George Bush had in his mind a plan of attack on Iraq in late 2001 has been unearthed in research in “Plan of Attack” released April 19 by Bob Woodward, the Washington Post journalist acclaimed for his reporting that broke the story of the Watergate scandal that led to calls of impeachment of then president Richard Nixon and his eventual resignation.


Specifically, the author recounts the beginning planning stages during meetings held Nov. 21 and Dec. 28 in 2001Ña period during which Minister Farrakhan composed and sent his letter to Pres. Bush.

Writing out of deep concern for the country and the world, Minister Farrakhan urged the president to relinquish his fixation of removing Saddam Hussein from power. He explained that his concern was rooted in the president’s expressed desire for the legacy of his government to be the destruction of terrorists, their networks, those who harbor them, and that the awesome power of America will be used toward that end.

“In my humble judgment, what you see as the purpose of your administration must not hinder or blind you from seeing the possibility of an even greater purpose and potential legacy,” Minister Farrakhan wrote. “I respectfully say to you that I believe if you continue this effort in the way that you presently have in mind, it will not end terrorism, but unfortunately may increase it.”

However, the U.S. head of state did not follow the guidance offered by the Muslim leaderÑand now he is facing the early stages of the consequences that Minister Farrakhan outlined for him.

Mr. Woodward reveals a detailed account of the run-up of meetings, conversations and briefings that led to the president’s official and public decision to go to war against Iraq.

Gathered over a period of 16 months, this “secret history” of the war cabinet of the Bush administration exposes its behind-the-scenes discussions that belied the public discourse and position of following the diplomatic track at the United Nations to resolve concerns over former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein’s alleged concealment of weapons of mass destruction.

While the president privately defined his war strategy, he publicly allowed Secretary of State Colin Powell to continue to wear his “diplomatic hat” and did not instruct Secy. Powell to put on his “war uniform” until Jan. 2003Ña duplicity of which several allied nations are now coming to the realization.

Mr. Woodward writes on p.273 of White House Chief-of-Staff Andrew Card Jr.’s take on the president’s disposition:

“At times, Card thought of the president as a circus-horse rider with one foot on a ‘diplomacy steed’ and his other on the ‘war steed’, both reins in his hands, leading down a path to regime change. Each horse had blinders on. It was now clear that diplomacy would not get him to his goal, so Bush had let go of that horse and was standing only on the war steed.”

The discovery begins in the prologue where readers learn about a private conversation Nov. 21, 2001Ñjust 72 days after 9/11Ñwherein the president asks Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, “What kind of a war plan do you have for Iraq? How do you feel about the war plan for Iraq?”

President Bush then instructed the defense secretary to “get started” on updating the war plan with the help of only General Tommy Franks, the head of the U.S. Central Command. The president’s intention to keep this secret planning undisclosed is clear in a follow-up question, “Could this be done on a basis that would not be terribly noticeable?”

Further exposure of the deception of the U.S. president, Mr. Woodward writes that, during a news conference following a Dec. 28 meeting centrally focused on planning the military offensive into Iraq, Pres. Bush told reporters the meeting was held to get an update on the war in Afghanistan.

A March speech by Gen. Franks, sponsored by the Nation’s Capital Distinguished Speakers Series, confirms Mr. Woodward’s revelations. But that is nothing when compared to the unfolding events that continue to bear witness that what Minister Farrakhan received concerning the hidden agenda and the ramifications of what Pres. Bush held in his mindÑwithout conducting interviews or reviewing classified documentsÑwas indeed revelation from the divine.

“Afghanistan is only a preliminary to a much wider war which is already planned, and this war also has a home front aspect as well. Should you persist in this, you will do what no Islamic Leader is able to do. No leader of any Muslim nation can call for Jihad or Holy War and cause the Muslim world to obey that call,” Minister Farrakhan warned in his letter.

“Mr. President, if you follow what you have in your mind, which many of those around you are encouraging you to do, then, you will do what Osama bin Laden and no Muslim extremist could ever do. You will unite the Muslim world in hostility against America and Great Britain, and you will use your great position of power inadvertently to call for a Holy War against the West. You will force the more moderate Islamic regimes either not to side with you, or to side with you at the risk of being overthrown by growing Islamist forces within their countries.”

He continued, “The coalition that you are gathering will fall away from you and you will have to pursue this war alone. I am afraid that this extended war may take a turn that you and your advisors least expect, and involve America in the greatest of all wars, the War of Armageddon, in which no nation will be left out, including Russia and China.

“Mr. President, it will take great courage on your part to look at America’s policies with a critical eye, and it will take even greater courage to break from the policies of the past and make a new beginning for this nation and the world.”