(FinalCall.com) – To know is the advantage and once you know how the media manipulates and twists public opinion, you’re not surprised to find out that things are not as they seem. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad guides us to search for the hidden truth, because without it, “in court, it causes heavy penalties and someone being sent to prison or to death for that of which they are innocent.”

Let’s contrast the White-controlled media’s distortion of Michael Jackson’s January 16 arraignment with what The Final Call knows to be true because we were there.

The scene outside the Santa Maria courthouse has been portrayed as a “circus” and Michael Jackson’s behavior after he left the courtroom was interpreted as “offensive to the judge, to the prosecutor, to the public and to victims of all crimes.”


But the actual facts are these: Michael Jackson is beloved by people all over the world. People believe that he is innocent of child molestation charges and are appalled by the appearance of prosecutorial malfeasance that surrounds this case. For them, it makes no sense that actor Robert Blake, who is accused of murder, only had to pay a $1 million bond and Michael Jackson was held on a $3 million bond.

When you love someone like Michael Jackson’s fans love him, traveling from around the globe to be at his arraignment is a natural outpouring of support. Don’t “hate” as our young people say. Don’t get mad at the fans for having the courage to express their adoration for the pop star despite the bashing he has received by international media.

Michael Jackson was moved to acknowledge and reciprocate the affection of his fans and spontaneously mounted the roof of an SUV to thank them for their belief in his innocence. Why is that a circus?

The circus is that the dubious reporting of the White-controlled media serves no other purpose than to try to taint the prospective jury pool. They want to sway people against a Black man who has an independent and self-assured viewpoint, a universal fan base and a strong defense against questionable charges.

The media also criticized Mr. Jackson’s invitation to his supporters to join him at his Neverland Ranch for an afternoon of wholesome hospitality, a gesture of magnanimity and a way to thank the people who believe in him in spite of scurrilous attacks by the most powerful disinformation apparatus in the world–the American popular media.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has reminded us in words that this system of institutionalized racism is on autopilot to seek and destroy any Black man that could rise above their control.

Do they think we have forgotten their treatment of Paul Robeson, Jack Johnson, Adam Clayton Powell and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? We have not. The willingness of the wicked to lie on the righteous has never been in doubt.

The evil of this society blinds them to the real story in all of this. The real “news item” is a love story among Allah (God), the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan and our people. The real story is that it doesn’t matter when you call on the Nation of Islam because God has given us enough love to come to the aid of our people without seeking profit, praise or personal gain.

They’ve tried their best to master this man with their lies and their attempts to steal the good will Michael Jackson has created in people everywhere, but their best is never good enough to counter the will of Allah (God).

Islam comes when all else fails and The Final Call will always be a witness bearer for truth. Our job is to give our people the actual facts. Our job is to give people around the world a knowledge that provides them with an advantage and separates them from the deaf, dumb and blind among us who nurse on falsehood like mother’s milk.

We take our job seriously. Read, compare and support your own independent media.

This is The Final Call.