Once again, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his bold, incisive foresight has been validated and confirmed, this time by former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill in his new book, “The Price of Loyalty.”

According to Mr. O’Neill, he was experienced enough to know the difference between assumption and evidence, and that he saw nothing he would consider evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Mr. O’Neill’s revelations have added further credence to the discovery of lies about weapons of mass destruction that the president used to guide the country to war. That position is backed by the United Nations weapons inspector Hans Blitz and the entire international committee, which scoured Iraq for three years prior to the war and found no weapons.


Mr. O’Neill was aware of these machinations and only chose to make them public recently. White House officials are dismissing his claims as the spewing of sour grapes by a disgruntled, fired employee.

Is Mr. O’Neill just an inveterate liar who was allowed to manage the country’s money as a Treasury Secretary? Or is it pure coincidence that Mr. O’Neill is accusing the president of doing and saying some of the same things that Min. Farrakhan wrote about to President George Bush?

On December 1, 2001, Minister Farrakhan was divinely guided to inform Pres. Bush via letter that the ideas in the president’s mind toward Iraq, if acted upon, would plunge the United States into an inextricable quagmire of war and international strife.

The Minister warned the president that, “Afghanistan is only a preliminary to a much wider war which is already planned, and this war also has a home front aspect as well.”

In his second letter to the president dated October 30, 2002, Min. Farrakhan wrote, “I warned that should you pursue what I know is in your mind and heart concerning Saddam Hussein and Iraq that you would lose the great advantage that you gained after September 11, 2001, and that the coalition would fall apart and you might be forced to go it alone.”

Is not the Bush administration a lone wolf in its stance against Iraq, leading a motley pack of countries whose allegiance has been bought and paid for with international aid? It is a lone wolf, with British Prime Minister Tony Blair as its slaughtered prey, after he abandoned the overwhelming public opinion of his countrymen that was against British military involvement in Iraq.

Minister Farrakhan continued in his letter, “I opined that if you did such (go to war), you might run into something that your advisors had not thought of or perceived. This is already happening.”

The president led the country to believe that the Americans would be welcomed into Iraq with open arms, as benevolent “GI Joes.” That has not been the case.

More men and women have died since the end of the war than during the entire war. They face daily attacks and assaults, the uncertainty of which threatens at its core the morale of the American fighting force. The cost of liberating Iraq may exceed $100 billion, while the poor and disenfranchised of America still wait for relief to come their way.

What would the cities and states look like if the president found $100 billion to rebuild the schools, economies, infrastructure and people of America? If the president has his way, Iraqis who collaborate with the occupation of their country by American multinational corporations could soon enjoy a better quality of life than the poor within America’s own borders who struggle every day just to survive.

Minister Farrakhan has never yielded or compromised in speaking truth to power. Regardless of your acceptance or rejection of his message, Min. Farrakhan is Allah’s (God’s) servant.

He is not a member of Pres. Bush’s inner circle and was not privy as Mr. O’Neill was to the daily discussions of the National Security Council.

But, as Cuban President Fidel Castro said in the early days of the Cuban Revolution, “History will absolve me.” History is absolving Min. Farrakhan–and Mr. O’Neill is only one avenue to do it.