Muslims complete Chicago Marathon

(FinalCall.com) – Nearly six months of training enabled Nation of Islam members Paula Muhammad (left) and Necole Muhammad to go the distance October 12 in the 26th Annual Chicago Marathon. The two first-time marathoners crossed the finish line at Grant Park, where close to 40,000 runners competed in the 2003 LaSalle Bank of Chicago Marathon.

“I feel exhilarated, renewed,” shared Sister Paula, who always had the desire to run a major marathon. “I feel truly blessed and full of the spirit of Allah (God). He blessed us with the strength to get through this.”


She decided to run the race after a colleague gave her a leaflet from the National AIDS Foundation promoting the marathon as an opportunity to raise money for the charity, which helps families and children living with the disease.

She eventually teamed up with Sister Necole, along with two other NOI members Brother Roosevelt and his wife, Sis. Kim Muhammad. Collectively, they trained with approximately 100 volunteers from the city’s Lakefront South areas on Sunday mornings, and then individually for two to three days. Each runner earned the charity $1,300 for the completion of the marathon’s 26.2 mile journey.