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“And He is Allah in the heavens and in the earth. He knows your secret (thoughts) and your open (words), and He knows what you earn. And there comes not to them any message of the messages of their Lord but they turn away from it. So they rejected the truth when it came to them, but soon will come to them the news of that which they mocked.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 6, verses 3-5

During the first few days of November 2002, I arrived in Seoul, Korea, in preparation for my journey to Mongolia. I met with Bishop Yang, the head over the Unification Churches in North America, who had worked out my itinerary in Seoul. I had come specifically to write a story about Rev. Moon and the Unification Church that will appear in the upcoming issue of the Cultural Links News Journal.


He had arranged for me to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Moon at an early morning service and breakfast at their residence. This event took place one day prior to a special Youth Day celebration, which was held at the Auditorium Theater and School Complex of the Universal Ballet Company and Academy of the Little Angels.

During this meeting, I became more acquainted with the spiritual thinking that underlies the activity and success of Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. I had made a request prior to leaving the U.S.A. to write a story about Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. I was granted the opportunity to study some of their operations in Seoul, Korea. Subsequently, I was granted an audience with the founder and his wife. Some family members and representatives from his top leadership were gathered at our meeting.

Visit to the Sun Moon University in November 2002 hosting faculty from the English Department with the university president in the center. We are standing in the newly constructed reception hall.

Rev. Moon expounded on several guiding principles of the church’s vision, structure and the global outreach initiative. Then I observed many similarities between some of their guiding principles and that of the Nation of Islam’s founder, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Good manners, cordialness and a respectful demeanor were part of our similarities.

He spoke a great deal about being in communication with the spirit world. I tried to comprehend in depth his explanation of that world, as he perceived it. Whatever one’s approach to this subject may be, it comes down to one’s definition and projection of the mind generated by thought and the complex beings of that thought world.

Thought is consciousness and energy operating simultaneously in parallel or multi-dimensional worlds. Thought is the most important and precious commodity we possess. How we communicate or project our thoughts bring about the law of cause and effect that is set into motion in our everyday lives, because–be and cause is directly connected to God’s divine law, which we had never been fully taught before. By not understanding this divine law of God’s own Self-creation, anything can come between us and the person or reality of God that we say we worship, and distort that reality or the message.

On the other hand, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has stated that what we call spirit or soul is the breath of life, the essence of our being. Our thoughts carry the image or images of what we think, which is ultimately made manifest in time. Rev. Moon stated that when I am in contact with that world (the spirit world), thoughts or information will be transmitted continually at all times.

This sounds like the world of telepathy between thoughts sent and thoughts received. We are taught that the chosen servants of God see things that others do not see and hear things that others do not hear. They perceive what others perceive not depending upon their mental state of spiritual consciousness. Whatever mental state exists in the spirit world, it is consciousness directed by energy from a perpetual school of thought that surrounds us. It is a projection of our own knowingness. Whatever your thoughts can conceive, it is known by spirit and transmitted by the living word, as we read in John Chapter 1: “In the beginning there was the word and the word was God and the word is God and from God was everything made that was made.”

This indicates that, surrounding us in the field of matter, thought form is the pervasive energy or electromagnetic sphere that brings matter into existence. This structure of thinking is multidimensional. Our brain operates as the system or generator that brings our thoughts into reality. It is through our minds, housed in the brain, which taps into these parallel worlds of reality simultaneously. Thus, we can see, feel and hear things that are not yet manifested to our physical senses. That is the way God was in the beginning. He had the vision that none could comprehend but he himself.

It is written in the Holy Qur’an, Surah 6, verse 104: “Vision comprehends Him not, and He comprehends (all) vision.”

Knowing the mind of God and its reality is the greatest knowledge that any human being can conceive. Once we are there in the bosom of God, we experience eternal peace. Thought is immortal and never dies.

To be continued.