I did not exaggerate the importance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in my last article. In fact, I have not done that in any of the articles, or other materials, whether spoken or written, in this newspaper or otherwise. Even though I have written that which has not yet been published that goes into greater details than what has been published, and although I have not publicly stated all that I know, I have not exaggerated what his being and work signifies.

Please, let us take our time and reason on this. If we are acquainted with the “storyline” of the Bible, and if we are acquainted with the purpose of the manner with which the Holy Qur’an was put together, and if we know enough history that shows us how things got to be as they are, throughout the earth, then it should be abundantly clear to us that we are living in a time that has almost no precedent.

Different scholars reach back into the past for situations, circumstances and conditions, which they state gives them insights into these times. There is not one serious thinker anywhere on this earth who does not see and feel that a change of the most momentous nature is taking place universally.


This is so, even though they have different backgrounds, experiences, even value systems, that make them to see things from a perspective somewhat different from others. But it’s clear that there is a force at work on the minds and hearts of humanity, the presence of which does not make the headlines or nightly news, that brings everyone’s minds–whether extremely wicked or very righteous and all in between–to the universal recognition that a change is taking place, which by far supercedes any time period of the past in their knowledge.

Now, there are many scholars and scientists throughout the world who claim that they do not believe in God, or if they do, like Einstein, they don’t claim to belong to a particular “organized religion” but yet recognize that this universe could not have come into existence with intelligence inferior to our own. These scientists have made varying degrees of inquiries into the existence and nature of the One Who is called God. Nevertheless, most all of them agree that we are in the midst of a universal change that is leading to a brand new world.

In the Bible God is quoted, and in the Holy Qur’an He speaks in the first person, as stating that He is going to make or create all things new. Minister Farrakhan’s position was/is that of his teacher–that this is the time period when the Almighty is bringing into existence that which is new. Whether or not anyone else agrees that Allah is bringing in a new creation, no one can deny that changes of the greatest proportions are now taking place.

About 10 years ago, I wrote about the root of this universal change that is taking place. Those words appear from pages 178 to the top of page 185 of “This Is The One,” third edition. I’m placing those words on my web site www.writtentestimony.com.

In order for Almighty God to make or create all things new, He must exercise greater wisdom or science than what He used to initiate or create, evolve, sustain and maintain the universe in the beginning. If, in fact, we who follow the Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the leadership of Minister Farrakhan are right that the Almighty began His work of creating all things new, right here in America among Black people, then greater wisdom is being exercised than what was used in the beginning of time.

If it pleases Allah, I would like to focus on this further with reference to Minister Farrakhan for two primary reasons. One, his life and works certainly bear witness to the truth of the above, and this also serves the purpose for which I have been writing as I have of him.

Why do I write about him and why have I spoken as I have of him? I am one of his helpers. Therefore, my primary function is to help others see him in the proper light and in perspective. If they do, it will speed up their cooperation with him, as he works to use the keys he was given to bring us to the state that is pleasing to the Almighty, to be used as foundation stones for that which will never die. Well, we already are in that, which will never fall again, much less die, according to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Even if you do not believe that God had begun “making all things new” first through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan and those of us who are with them, and you would rather think that this has begun or will begin with another people or even somewhere out in space, you yet, cannot sanely disagree that the wisdom He is, or will use, is or will be superior to the wisdom used to produce this entire universe.

Moreover, you don’t run this change. You, like the rest of us, must seek one wiser than yourself to guide us, to qualify us for the change and to exist in the new. We have this guidance in the two Messiahs.

More on this later. Let’s get back to the wisdom of Minister Farrakhan on the greetings “As-Salaam-Alaikum.”

Minister Farrakhan continued to make a critical point about the value of the greeting words with examples from the experiences of his audience. At one point he asked: “How many of you in here sing? Will you raise your hand? How many of you in here play a musical instrument? Will you raise your hand? How many of you were in some kind of technical field that demanded an increase of your skill? Will you raise your hand?

“Then no matter what field of endeavor you are in, it requires practice. You didn’t just jump up and type. You went at that typewriter with one finger. Then, you learned how to do it with both hands. Then, you were slow–10, 15 words, 20 words, 25, 30, 35, 40. Now some of you can type as fast as somebody can say it–you got it. You don’t have to look no more.

“But how did you get that way? You got that way by practice. You want to be a good football player–you’ve got to practice. You want to be a good pianist–you’ve got to get to the piano and practice. It’s the practice of the rudiments, the fundamentals that make you great in your chosen field.”

Later on he stated that, “Mere belief counts for nothing except it is carried into practice. Practice, we must practice giving peace.”

He spoke of “a tendency” we have to revert to the ways of the grave of ignorance, somewhat like an inexperienced amateur boxer does when hit with a punch, “because you come up out of the world.”

He said we must “practice” the principles of Islam that will make us better to react better, because we will have become better by the practice. [Emphasis mine.] What’s the alternative? Is it the practice of the principles of hell?

More next issue, Allah willing.