By Mother Tynetta Muhammad

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“And Allah’s is the East and the West, so whither you turn thither is Allah’s purpose. Surely Allah is Ample-giving, Knowing.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 2, verse 115

Before continuing with my series on Korea, I wish to explain to our readers the missing articles of the past several weeks. I was taken on yet another unexpected journey to the south of Mexico to the State of Chiapas where preparations were underway for a musical concert that was scheduled on the date of May 4th, but was unexpectedly cancelled. A very complex situation manifested, of which I will give more details, God willing, in an upcoming article.


During a dinner setting with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad with some laborers and family members in attendance at the palace in 1974, he stated: “My wife goes up into the mountains and she goes down into the jungles.” He also spoke of my ability to speak several languages.

After having said that, I was a little perplexed, because I thought he might chide me for my adventurous spirit for going into places alone. Instead, to my surprise, he pointed me out as an example of one in search of knowledge under seemingly difficult conditions.

Reknown classical conductor and composer, Phillip Lin from China sits with Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, Sister Nujah Muhammad in one of the beautiful gardens at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California.

He taught us well about the preparation of Master Fard Muhammad for his mission in finding his lost people. He became a world traveler in his search, which included climbing mountains and measuring every square inch of the Planet wherever he went. He also studied in the jungles of Africa learning about the animal life and the nature and language of all living creatures.

Thus, in my short sojourn of life as a Muslim follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he led me to the further examination and exploration of his Universal Teachings of Truth. I have attempted to share with our readers throughout the years of my life in Islam some of my findings.

The State of Chiapas in the country of Mexico combines some of the most awesome natural environments in the world, rich in mountains, valleys and jungle habitat that exhibits rare species of fauna, plant and animal life. There are varieties of crocodiles and bobcats of the panther family, jaguars and spotted tigers. We have also observed species of monkeys including the spider monkey, several types of birds, parrots and flamingos. There are rare silver fox species, and so much more in the ecological area producing arid, semi-tropical and tropical temperatures similar to those in Africa.

In this environment, musical director and composer, Federico Alvarez del Toro, a native of Chiapas, had envisioned a concert on the sacred Grijalva River that courses through the world heritage site of the Sumidero Canyon.

In preparation for this concert, unexpected events occurred which led to its cancellation in this moment of time. We are approaching the rainy season which can bring severe flooding at the river site affecting nearby villages of the indigenous people who populate the land.

I deeply apologize to all those special persons who invested in the advanced purchase of tickets and those who contributed monetary aid to support this concert, which was to premiere my composition orchestrated for the symphony. The arrangement of the score combines the richness of the traditional instruments, fine musicianship and choral voices from top artists from many countries including India, China, Africa, Mexico, the Al-Tai Autonomous Republic of Siberia, Russia and the United States.

The musical work selected is entitled, “Ta Ha: The Final Call Symphonic Suite.” Under a combination of circumstances, the program will be re-scheduled for another season, God willing, near the end of this year, 2003.

With the greatest of appreciation and humility, I thank one and all for your gracious support and generous contributions, which are being secured for the next announced concert engagement. The list of Patrons of the Arts and Sponsorship Donors includes the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, O’Shea (Ice-Cube) Jackson and his wife. Contributions were also made by Shaikah Fareeha, Director of the Jerrahi Sufi Movement, headquartered in New York, with the assistance of their Mexico City representative, Ameena Tasleema.

Special thanks to the M.G.T. Vanguard under the direction of Sister Stephanie Muhammad and the National M.G.T. Captain, Sister A’ishah Muhammad for their support in this endeavor. Individual sisters and donors are to be later acknowledged from the Seventh Region, headquartered in Miami, Florida, and many well-wishing Muslims in Atlanta, Georgia, added their many prayers for our success.

Special acknowledgment to Lloydine Arguelles, President of the Foundation for the Law of Time, for her financial support, along with Viviana Lerma, research journalist from Mexico.

Throughout this extraordinary experience, we have gained an increasing number of friends and supporters from all walk of life. May Almighty God Allah bless and protect our passage into a new life of peace, happiness and prosperity as we stand on the threshold of a new world order of righteousness. The new cultural revolution is sounding throughout the land and among its people.

“Who is it that will offer to Allah, a goodly gift, so He multiplies it to him manifold? And Allah receives and amplifies, and to Him you shall be returned.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 2, verse 245

To be continued.