(FinalCall.com)–To those of us who are barely acquainted with the Holy Qur’an, if at all, fasting, that is, going without food, not eating faster, is a stranger with whom we are attempting, be it ever so slightly, to become acquainted. Some of us have eating habits which would make skipping lunch a painful ordeal, let alone going an entire day without feasting on something!

Yet, we who follow The Honorable Louis Farrakhan do our ultimate best to eat no more often than once every 24 hours. This does not mean just one whole meal a day; it also means no snacks in between. Of course, with our history, we find this regimen difficult to adopt.

Under the tutelage of Minister Farrakhan, we learn that the healthiest of diets consist of a MAXIMUM of one meal a day, with no snacks in between. Practically every book in the Bible–both OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS–prescribes (ORDERS, NOT SUGGESTS) fasting as an integral part of our lives. It seems so pitiful that some of our people who are quickest to quote the Bible, are the slowest to abide by it.


Fasting is universally agreed in the medical field to be irreplaceable as an aid to better health. But let us not hide behind the fact that most of us have never studied medicine and the other sciences which would lead us to this profound knowledge. How many degrees does a dog have? Yet, you know that you can tell when a dog is ailing, because the first thing he does is stop eating! No matter what is ailing him, he has sense enough to know that ingesting more food at that time would hinder, rather than help, his recovery. And right now, if someone told you that you were dumber than a dog, you would be ready to fight them for telling you the truth.

But before you become violent, stop and remember–when was the last time illness caused you to fast? Some of us even twist the truth to make it match the lies that we are living. I am sure that you have heard the lie, “You have to feed a cold and starve a fever.” The greedy pigs who created that saying did so by tampering with a true saying–that “If you feed a cold, you will later have to starve a fever!” All food contains calories, and calories are measures of heat. Therefore, the more food you eat, the more heat you create, and vice versa.

Fasting, authorities say, is the quickest way to lose weight, and gives the body a physiological rest. It is also credited with “slowing the aging process.” Fasting is credited with lowering and normalizing cholesterol and blood pressure levels, as well as relieving tension and insomnia. While it rids the body of toxins by providing an “internal shower,” a shower in no way deprives the body of essential nutrients. The medical world has learned the value of fasting when used in schizophrenia treatment and other mental illnesses.

Medical officials point out that fasting is a rite in all religions, and that the Bible alone has 74 references to it. Doctor Allan Cott, in his book “Fasting As A Way Of Life,” quotes Patricia Bragg as stating, “Fasting is not starving; it’s nature’s cure that God has given us.”