“And for every nation there is a messenger. So when their messenger comes, the matter is decided between them with justice, and they are not wronged. And they say: When will this promise be fulfilled, if you are truthful? Say: I control not for myself any harm, or any benefit, except what Allah pleases. Every nation has a term. When their term comes, they cannot put it off an hour, nor can they bring it before (its time).”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verses 47-49

In continuing our journey to Korea and in turning over the myths and legends and actual experiences of my own travels to far and distant lands, I have found that it is the sound of the inner voice, a kind of tingling or ringing sound, that lifts you into altered or higher states of spiritual consciousness. It is this sound that carries one on the journey of the self awakening to the god within.

This inner voice or sound, when projected, becomes magnified into light and the true vision becomes illumined consciousness. When we allow anyone or anything to interfere with that process, then we have set up an idol or another image besides God.


With this sound, I listen for the Voice of the Master, who is leading the student step by step through a course of study of everyday life experiences. According to the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, it is sound that carries the sparkle of the atom of life which explodes with the illumination of light, by which we see our way through darkness.

In the practical application of sound, the lessons that the Master left for us to study quite often refer to the sounding of the brain to produce thought powerful enough to generate itself into action, manifestation and reality.

Using the methodology of sound in the pronunciation of letters, numbers and words, we begin to restructure our thinking mathematically and begin to speak, as it were, the Mathematical Theology or Universal Language of Islam, which always manifests peace and perfect love in all one’s doings and daily activities.

In our journey to Korea (Corea), we may recognize and hear two outstanding words produced by the medium of sound. First, we see the word and hear the sound, “Core” and within “Core” lies the word, “Ore.” The core of something is getting to the root, center, inner, or foundation of something tangible and real. To mine something is to take out an element such as iron ore, bronze or copper, a metal that is mined or extracted as a source from which valuable matter exists. The same can be said of the workings of our mind and the process involved in extracting thought as the most valuable substance to the manifestation of Creation.

The second sound in the word Korea (Corea) gives us the sound value of the name, Rhea. In Greek mythology, Rhea is the mother of the King of the gods, Zeus. This is an example of how great truths are imbedded in the words we speak and how they can be extrapolated into a deeper manifestation of our gifts and powers in the doing and sharing with others knowledge for the advancement and improvement of society.

These teachings proceed from the ancient schools of Wisdom that are traced back to times immemorial. Our ancestral roots are traced to the Stars, as we continue our travels on the Crystal Gateway of Korea’s Magical Carpet of  the royal purple, crimson and bluish Amethyst Pathway to God.

“Allah invites to the abode of peace and guides whom He pleases to the right path”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verse 25

To be continued.