” Then after them We sent Moses and Aaron to Pharoah and his chiefs with Our signs, but they were arrogant, and they were a guilty people.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verse 75

In my recent journey to Mongolia,  which I wrote about in a series of thirteen articles beginning in December of last year, I related the actual setting that led to this rendezvous with destiny. In a brief recall of the circumstances, it occurred at a perfect synchronistic point in time,  during  the first days of July when three events converged in Washington, D.C. simultaneously. On the Washington Mall, at the doors of Smithsonian Institute, stretched an enormous exhibit which combined the annual Folk Festival staged by Smithsonian with The Silk Road Exhibit and Project under the Artistic Direction of world renown cellist, Yo-Yo Ma.

Converging with this event was the Blessed Wedding Ceremony conducted by the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myun Moon and the membership of the Unification Church. My son, Ishmael Muhammad, was invited to give one of the dedicatory prayers and blessings for the newly weds and I joined him in this service. Later that day, on July 3rd, we were invited along with other guests including Nation of Islam’s Protocol Director, Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad, to attend a dinner hosted by the Reverend and Mrs. Moon. It was during the dinner, when I shared with everyone my experience of the Mongolian Vision.


The next morning on July the Fourth, at 5:00 A.M., Sister Claudette and myself attended a spiritual service in which a document was read that was published in the Washington Times that announced the acceptance of Reverend and Mrs. Moon as the True Parents by many renown and celebrated persons of many walks of life, who lived in the past, including all variants of ethnic and religious backgrounds. I pondered over what the significance of these words meant, with reference to making contact from the “Spirit World.” I wanted to know more about the meaning implied in these words.

As publisher of a new magazine entitled, “Cultural Links,” I wanted to interview The Reverend and Mrs. Moon and other personalities within the movement, on the history and current activity of the Unification Church.  It was my desire to travel to Korea to do a report for our newspaper and for the magazine. Additionally, I also hoped to visit Mongolia and to learn more about my vision. Gradually contacts were made that opened the gateway to my entrance to Korea. Almost on the same day of the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Moon to Korea to celebrate an event honoring children, I also arrived. I requested of Bishop Yang, the North American Representative of the Unification Church Activity, if he would assist me in arranging several related interviews once I arrived in Korea.

Permission granted, I soon arrived in Seoul and learned that I had been invited to have breakfast with Mr. and Mrs. Moon within two days of my arrival which corresponded to the first few days of November. At this breakfast engagement, more details were discussed about my planned itinerary which included details of my travel to Mongolia. With the greatest of care, all who attended to my requests, were most accommodating and courteous. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad promised us that we were promised Universal Friendship from many coming from all walks of life. Truly, I have experienced the fulfillment of his faithful words over and over again in my lifetime.

It was during the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s World Friendship Tour III in 1997 and 1998, when we made our first entrance into Korea with his 24 member delegation. This visit was also hosted by the Reverend and Mrs. Moon.

“So when the truth came to them from Us, they said: This is surely clear enchantment. Moses said: Say you (this) of the truth when it has come to you? Is it enchantment? And the enchanters never succeed.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verses 76 & 77