(FinalCall.com) – Unless there is an act of divine intervention, the Lone Star state will soon execute its 300th prisoner since capital punishment was re-introduced in 1976.

The distinction is a dubious one because the death penalty in Texas has all the fatal flaws seen throughout the country, which include racism, injustice and politics.

The majority of those awaiting death by lethal injection in Texas are Black and Latino men. They account for roughly 66 percent of the 400-plus people awaiting a trip to the death chamber.


Of this group, 79 percent were sentenced to death for a crime involving a White person. There has not been one execution of a White person for a crime committed against a Black victim.

The state continues to execute inmates for crimes committed when they were 17-years-old. It has also put to death one-third of all those who have paid the ultimate price in America since capital punishment was re-instated by the U.S. Supreme Court.

But the system that takes human life so easily often barely gives the accused an opportunity to defend themselves. Texas is notorious for incompetent counsel in such cases, where men have been convicted as their attorneys slept or didn’t bother to investigate whether their clients were telling the truth.

Foreign nationals have been executed who were denied the opportunity to contact their consulates, which is in violation of international accords. If a foreign dictator had the same record as officials in Texas, he would be accused to practicing a form of state sponsored terrorism.

The state has a deadly criminal injustice problem and the fight against the unjust use of the death penalty must not end. Too many lives are at stake.