( – From Seattle to sunny Southern California, various mosques and study groups of the Nation of Islam’s Western Region are gearing up for what is anticipated to be the largest and best ever of its annual Saviours’ Day Celebrations.

The “crowning event of Black History Month,” L.A. participants will also include the upcoming 100,000 Man March for Peace, with 10,000 families set to march down gang war torn streets of L.A. to the Sports Arena for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s keynote address.

Titled “America at the Crossroads: War is Not the Answer,” the live, satellite address will be beamed into the 12,000 seat L.A. Sports Arena Feb. 23, and close out a weekend of activities.


“We decided to integrate the 100,000 Man March with Saviours’ Day, because that’s what Saviours’ Day is, going after our people,” stated Min. Tony Muhammad, Nation of Islam western region representative. He said the peace march by local people lends to the spirit of Min. Farrakhan’s address, because the gangs, too, are now at the crossroads, and must choose peace over war.

“Allah is angry over us killing us,” Min. Tony said.

Saviours’ Day weekend activities, coordinated by Muhammad Mosque No. 27, Muhammad Mosque No. 42, and the Long Beach Study Group, are set to include a Unity Jumu’ah Prayer Service with the local Islamic community, a 100,000 Man March town hall meeting, drill and martial arts exhibitions, a joint Nation of Islam F.O.I. and M.G.T.-G.C.C. class, youth seminars and events.

Oakland’s Saviours’ Day Conference will kick off with a Friday Jumu’ah Prayer Service at Masjid Waritheen, under the leadership of Imam Fahim Shuaibe, said Min. Keith Muhammad, of the Nation of Islam mosque in Oakland.

“The Bay Area is genuinely excited, not having to travel hundreds of miles, but being able to be in unity right here at home with three Saviours’ Day events in our area being celebrated,” Min. Keith stated.

He said full support is expected from the cities of Oakland, San Francisco and Richmond in backing Min. Farrakhan’s call for peace. In addition to the prayer service, there will be adult workshops on “Health and Human Services,” “the Prison Industrial Complex,” “Black Media Responsibility,” “Economic Development,” “Technology,” and “Atonement.” Activities for youth will include an Adolescent Health Seminar, Cultural Storytelling, Arts and Crafts, Martial Arts Demonstrations, Respecting Differences, and Rights of Passage.

In Seattle, the local mosque expects to seat 1,000 people in the city’s Eagles Lodge, said protocol directress Gloria Muhammad. Secretary Darin X, of Las Vegas, said Muhammad Mosque No. 75 is working to fill the mosque to capacity for Min. Farrakhan’s much-anticipated address.