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It’s written in three of the four Gospels that Jesus’ disciples asked him when was the world going to end and when was he to return? He was very specific about those events and about his coming.

He answered them. It’s recorded that Jesus was so sure of the truth of his answers that he said that the heavens and the earth, or the universe, would pass away before his word would pass away or fail.


Jesus also told the generation he lived with and taught that they would witness the end of the world in which they lived. Paul and other writers in the New Testament stated the same.

Any man that’s sure of such answers either has, or has constant access to, the explanation of all things.

Throughout the New Testament we read that The New Testament writers were convinced that they were living at the end of the world in their days.

Two thousand years later the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sees America’s proposed war on Iraq as launching that which triggers the final stage of the War of Armageddon. We are in what many call “the end times” right now. Most of us are in denial about this, however.

Now, it’s also written in I John 3:8, “For this reason did the son of man become manifest that he might destroy the works of Satan.” Other places in the Bible read that the devil and his works, are to be destroyed at the end of the world. This is taught in churches all over America.

But what happened? That generation died. The end did not come. Satan still lives. He still rules this world with non-stop tricks and lies. What is the explanation? Did Jesus’ word fail?

The 2,000 years has been filled with the workings of God’s enemies. Look more specifically at the wickedness done to Black people and to the “Indians,” peoples of Mexico, Central and South America. The systematic destruction of these two peoples–Black and Red–by the wicked over the last 500 or so years is almost unbelievable. This wicked mistreatment by powerful White people, by means of all forms of deception continues right up to this moment. However, this seldom makes the front-page news or the lead story on CNN. However, mistreatment of His people (and the poor generally) is not ignored by Allah for one second!

If the reason that Jesus, who was manifested, or revealed, 2,000 years ago, was to bring in God’s kingdom and to destroy the world of Satan, why is Satan still working? If Jesus’ word didn’t fail, what is the explanation?

Can this problem be explained, without imputing evil (or stupidity) to God, His prophets, and to Jesus? Certainly it can.

The only explanation, of this obvious contradiction, that makes any sense and that is the only one that is backed up by Allah and overwhelming scientific proof, is the explanation that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught, the truth of which Minister Farrakhan has spread as far as the lie has been told.

He explained that under the name Jesus, The New Testament refers to a specific number of a very few individuals and generally to their people. Only a small amount of the New Testament refers to a man, under the name Jesus, who lived 2,000 years ago.

Of course, I cannot say all I would like to say on this subject. I am therefore asking those who wish to, to visit my web site to learn how you may obtain more on this subject from my view, as one of the witness bearers of the truth of this subject. Part of it is in a talk titled: “He Did Not Sin.” Another is “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” (The web site from which you can learn how to get these is: www.writtentestimony.com.)

In order for a person, Jesus or anyone else, to say, without arrogance or insanity that the universe would disintegrate before that person’s word would fail, on the ultimate fate of humanity and of his own future return at that time. That person would have to be, either God, or extremely close to Him.

This was Jesus talking, but not the one of 2,000 years ago.

From here below are relevant notes about this very moment.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, with utter conviction, that through Minister Farrakhan he would get all of his people. In the study-guide by Minister Farrakhan, on the subject of closing the gap, he deepens what his teacher intended for us to understand by “his people.”

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad never doubted that Minister Farrakhan would succeed. Have you studied the “whys’ of his conviction?

Some man was destined to be chosen, to bear the weight of the responsibility of carrying the very last aspect or part of the salvation of the Black man and woman as well as America on his shoulders. I consistently bore witness that that man on whose broad shoulders that responsibility was placed is Minister Farrakhan. After him comes the doom.

Be it the will of Allah, I hope to write an article about how we can determine the truth of something and be one-hundred percent sure of its truth before it comes to pass. I have already written on this in a book that I hope to reprint titled: Farrakhan: The Traveler, Volume One and in past articles in this newspaper. Such information, which is a part of the wisdom Master Fard Muhammad revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Some of us believe, and others disbelieve, and still others are convinced, that twenty-eight years ago, in February 1975, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad escaped a death plot and departed to Master Fard Muhammad. What will bring agreement on this critical issue?

You may well say, look Jabril, you were not even in Chicago in February 1975. What qualifies you to have any mouth in this subject? Right. I was not there. I did not have Minister Farrakhan’s, what I call “more-than-a-vision” experience back on September 17th 1985. But have you read my witness to his experience? The Caucasian press has provided powerful testimony to the truth of his experience.

If you examine the book of Acts, the book of Revelation and the history of the four Caliphs after Muhammad you can gain insights into the last three decades

Did you know that a scientist taught his students in an automotive class, not long ago, that emission-free substances have been developed that will enable you to drive from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington, D.C. for about seven dollars? He demonstrated it too.

You may say, “I never heard of this.” So what! There is a lot we’ve never heard of and don’t know!

You and I don’t know what’s happening with a certain group of penguins down there on the South Pole or among the Black Beings on Mars either.

More next issue, on jealousy, envy and Muslims being friends, Allah willing.