“And He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six periods; and His Throne of Power is ever on water that He might manifest (the good qualities in) you whoever of you is best in deeds. And if thou sayest, You shall surely be raised up after death, those who disbelieve say : This is nothing but clear deceit.” –Surah 11 Verse 7

According to The Washington Post issue of April 13, 1999, Genghis Khan was named The Man of the Millennium. He is accredited with a free and independent Mongolia of today and is considered to be the Father of the Mongols and is indeed modern Mongolia’s national hero. His picture can be seen in public buildings, in currency exchange houses, and his portraiture appears on monetary currency. It is ironic that the alternative view of Genghis Khan’s character remains in the Western mind as only a military leader who conquered nearly all of Asia from China to the Caspian Sea to Iran and the historic Baghdad. His outreach also included parts of Russia to the Caucasus Mountains into all of Central Asia and southward into Korea. This is the epic story of the spread of the Khan’s army of time referred to as “the Golden Horde,” reaching into Eastern Europe emcompasing Hungary and Poland.

In the story of Attilla The Hun, who also overran parts of Europe crossing the Alps with his army and elephants while encountering the Roman Empire, he, too, originated in the Stepps of Asia near the birthplace of Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan, generally looked upon as a ruthless barbarian, is upholding testimony to the contrary in today’s scholarly research world historians. His line of descent discussed in previous articles is aligned with the heavens, our stellar and solar system with an orientation to the Orion belt and the planet Uranus. These scientific degrees of wisdom where passed down through a secret order from father to son. During recent times this knowledge of an inner circle has been made available to the general public.


According to the President of the Academy of Genghis Khan, Mr. Davaanyam,Genghis Khan should also be considered the Man of the next millennium as well. He believes that the French astrologer, Nostradamus, saw him as a sign of the impending apocalypse. He further states in his publication, that “the rebirth of Genghis Khan is a matter of the rebirth of a world genius who will lead a whole new era of human civilization. It is a great event that requires great philosophical powers.” Davaanyam says, “Genghis and his Ministers will be reborn through those who have absorbed and understood Mongolian Khan’s philosophy. To help out, the Academy is launching a series of lectures on Khan’s thoughts, beginning July 10 and running through 2008.”

On the last day of my stay in Mongolia, my host had prepared a meeting for me with two members of the Governing Parliament at the House of Government located in the capital. I was able to present the history of the founding of The Nation of Islam in America, its governing principles laid down by Master Fard Muhammad and the Divine Mission and Work bequeathed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and explained our present course of global outreach under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. In my presentation of The Nation’s Program which included its Spiritual, Educational and Economic blueprint, we found much in common to initiate a cultural exchange program between the country of Mongolia and The Nation of Islam.

As a result of this meeting and the congenial exchange of ideas, we were invited to return in July of this year to participate in the Independence Celebration of Mongolia which includes the famous Nadaam Festival. This event will hopefully include a State Visit by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to this fascinating land and people. Allah (God) in His Omnipotent Wisdom is the Best Knower and The Great Seer. Nothing that happens to us comes by accident or chance. The Honorable Minister Farrakhan had always desired to have the name Muhammad, which I believe he already has, but the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to him that he already had many Muhammads but he only had one FarraKhan.

“And if We delay for them the chastisement for a stated period, they will certainly say: What prevents it ? Now surely on the day when it will come to them, it will not by averted from them, and that which they scoffed at will beset them.” –Surah 11, Verse 8

To be continued.