“And thou art not (engaged) in any affair and thou recitest not concerning it any portion of the Qur’an, and you do no work, but We are Witness of you when you are engaged therein. And not the weight of an atom in the earth or in the heaven is hidden from thy Lord, nor anything less than that nor greater, but it is (all) in a clear book.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verse 61


As we continue in our journey to Korea and Mongolia, we come to understand more and more, with the passage of time, that everything is encoded bearing the Signature of The Divine Creator, as part of the composite whole of all aspects of His Divine Creation. Nothing happens by chance or is coincidental. Everyone we meet and every circumstance that surrounds and affects our lives is part of the whole system of things in our evolutionary journey to attain greater and greater God Consciousness within.

Nearly at the same time that I was preparing to visit the exhibition on Modern Mongolia: Reclaiming Genghis Khan at the National History Museum on the Washington Mall, following the eventful day of July the Fourth, I was informed that a certain sister, who will remain anonymous for the moment, had mailed me a copy of the same book, bearing the above title of the exhibit with a special message included. She was unaware that I was attending the exhibition and that I had purchased the identical book. Furthermore, she had mailed this literature from the same city, Philadelphia, where the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology had originated the idea for this exhibit five or six years earlier.

I was being prepared step-by-step to pursue this extraordinary journey that would ultimately take me to Mongolia and to visit the exact site of The National Museum of Mongolian History in the Capital of Ulaan-Bataar which was affiliated with this study and research taking place at the University of Pennsylvania. The following day after my arrival in Mongolia, the program agenda outlined by my hosts was to first visit this historical sight and to explore firsthand the other side of the research being conducted by the combined efforts of the Mongolian citizens and educators that were involved in this project.

The most stirring aspect of the exhibit was to review the early or prehistory of this land and its people boasting more than 40,000 years, arising from a nomadic, rustic culture of tribes, clans and marauding family confederations to ultimately burst forth into the forefront of world history with the birth of a man, named Temujin, who becomes the world renowned, Genghis Khan, the Ruler who united his countrymen of disunited tribesmen into the Mongolian Empire. This spectacle of world history has swept us suddenly, mostly unaware to review this period in which he captured, under his leadership, the largest single territorial domain than any other world leader in ancient times till today.

Genghis Khan is now being resurrected from the rubble of time to take his place among the giants of men as not only the Father of Mongolian Democracy, but through the latest research is being reclaimed as the Father of Modern Democratic Principles, pre-dating by some 9 years, Great Britain’s Declaration of The Magna Carter. Imagine a man who has been identified as a sanguinary barbarian and a butcher with a bad reputation in the West, now suddenly emerging, nearly six centuries later, as the man who codified the principles of Democracy that has been deposited in the heads of the Mongolian People today.

Will the same be said of another man, born in the desert of Arabia, named Muhammad, The Prophet and Messenger of God, who also has sustained the wicked name callings and reputation in the West as the Infidel? What will the final sequel of history say of him and indeed of the March of Islam in the West under the Mahdi and the establishment of the Nation of Islam in America in the 21st Century. We are quick to react and to make sudden judgments about people, places and things and events without the concluding chapter being written and without the clear knowledge and application of “The Theology of Time.” So often today’s villains become Tomorrow’s Heroes in the fullness of Time.

“Now surely whatever is in the heavens and the earth is Allah’s. Now surely Allah’s promise is true, but most of them know not. He gives life and causes death, and to Him you will be returned.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verses 55 & 56

To be continued.