Washington D.C., July the Fourth, 2002: A significant turning point in my journey to Korea and Mongolia
“And everything they do is in the writings. And everything small and great is written down. Surely the dutiful will be among Gardens and rivers, In the seat of truth, with a most Powerful King.”
Holy Qur’an, Surah 54,Verses 52-55

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that everything about our lives, we can find written in a book. The most powerful of the Divine Scriptures last revealed, the Holy Qur’an, bears witness to this Great Truth. In reality, there is nothing of his Divine Teachings that we will not find written in the Holy Qur’an or Bible or in other Divine Scriptures of the hidden books of world histories that will not give Testimony to his Universal Teachings. All my travels and studies are a bearing of witness to this Great Truth, which many of us will find manifest in our lives as we continue the Journey with this Wise Man and his companions.

In preparation for my recent journey to Asia, which focused on Korea and Mongolia, I traveled to Washington, D.C. in the beginning of July to participate in two major events which would prove to be interrelated to the theme of my upcoming travels to Asia. On the Washington Mall was a large exhibit of The Silk Road Project, coordinated by Artistic Director, Yo-Yo Ma, in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute’s International Folk Arts Festival held annually in the Capital. The merging of these two projects brought to visitors an unusual exposure to the cultures, arts and crafts and economic endeavors of the many peoples and nations living in Central Asia. It also mapped the famous Silk Road Caravan routes in existence from the time of Marco Polo’s travels from Venice in Italy to China where he meets with the Great Kublai Khan in the 13th Century A.D.


 This Event also concurred with my special meeting with the Reverend and Mrs. Moon during the celebrated Marriage Blessing Ceremony also held in Washington, D.C., in which I accompanied my eldest son Ishmael, in observance. At the end of this observance, we both received a dinner invitation with an extended one to attend an early sunrise morning service conducted by the Reverend and Mrs. Moon, which included a controversial announcement that was first published in the Washington Times on July the Fourth, 2002. Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad and I were the only two members of the Nation of Islam in attendance along with members of their congregation. Following this announcement, we were invited to breakfast with Reverend and Mrs. Moon and other representatives of the Unification Church to engage in further dialogue.

In the discussion that followed, it was pointed out that this day was also celebrated in the Nation of Islam as our Independence Day interfacing with that of the American people and Government beginning in 1930 when The Great Master, W. Fard Muhammad, Appeared for the first time in the public and announced His Presence as the Founder of the Nation of Islam in America. This announcement was based upon his finding of the Lost and Found members of his Father’s House who had been enslaved in America for over 400 years and had completely lost the Knowledge of themselves and of God. Thus, these events as described above all came together in one common stream of spiritual consciousness on the same said day, of July the Fourth in the Capital of Washington, D.C. 

As I reflected upon these events, I recalled my travels with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and our 24 member delegation on  The World Friendship Tour III, beginning in December, on Christmas Day, 1997, and ending in February, 1998. It was on one of the legs of this journey, in bitter cold weather, when our plane touched down in Seoul, Korea. Once we cleared customs, we were received by our Korean Hosts, the Reverend and Mrs. Moon and some of his principle leadership representatives. It would be some of those representatives who would once again meet with me and assist me in all the arrangements for my most recent journey to Korea which would now include Mongolia, where a Great Mystery on our Planet is about to be unveiled.

It was during our stay in Korea, on the World Friendship Tour III, when we learned that the Korean people trace their genealogical roots to Mongolia, to the Al-Tai Mountain regions which cross over from Mongolia to the other side in Siberia. This knowledge led to the extraordinary journey undertaken with my hosts, Jose’ and Lloydine Arguelles, three years later to the Autonomous Republic of Al-Tai, located in a part of the Himalaya Mountains in the year 2001.

It was in July,  2002, when I was struck by a certain resemblance of the Reverend Moon with the illustrated photo of Ghengis Khan. I shared this observation with the few sisters from Washington, D.C.  who accompanied me, along with Sister Claudette, to a special Exhibit we visited that was listed in the Silk Road and Smithsonian Programs, dedicated to Modern Mongolia: Reclaiming Ghengis Khan. I will continue this intriguing story in the next article on this series which will help us to recognize the key to self discovery which opens up unending worlds within our Search of the Messiah, the appointed journey to the discovery of the God within.

“Surely We have created everything according to a measure. And our command is but once, as the twinkling of an eye.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 54,Verses 48 & 49

To be continued.