By Richard Muhammad
Managing Editor

Historic message beamed into United Kingdom via satellite
Prime Minister Tony Blair must not allow U.S. President George W. Bush to lead Britain into an unjust war with Iraq, a war that could have devastating consequences, warned the leader of the Nation of Islam, in a historic Dec. 22 satellite message beamed into the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom and America may be mighty, but are they righteous nations? Min. Farrakhan asked, standing in the new Muhammad Mosque No. 32 in Phoenix, Az., which he dedicated with the speech. The message was beamed to the Carling Apollo Hammersmith auditorium in London, where Nation of Islam UK Representative Hilary Muhammad hosted a special meeting. Other Nation of Islam mosques in America also pulled down the satellite message.

These two countries, which are leading the call for war, are off course, he said. Min. Farrakhan has consistently opposed military action against Iraq, saying the combination of international resentment against American and western domination, the lust for oil and an unstable Middle East situation could ignite a worldwide conflagration.


The United Kingdom and the United States must receive a divine warning, just as the Holy Qur’an says a warner was sent to every nation, he said. Prophet Muhammad of Arabia was a faithful warner, but a new reality sprang up after his passing and the Muslim community had lost the path, Min. Farrakhan said. “You don’t warn people unless something terrible is coming down and you want to warn people to repent and avoid the consequences of wrongdoing,” he said.

From Emperor Constantine of Rome to President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, warmongers have hijacked Christianity, he said. If peacemakers are blessed in scripture, then warmongers are cursed, Min. Farrakhan warned.

“What I offer that Great Britain fears is that particular truth that will free the Black man and free all those subjected to White rule, and free White people from the sick mentality of White supremacy,” said the Minister.

White supremacy must be rejected, if the United Kingdom and her sister nation, America, are to survive, he said. “The Blacks suffer from appalling racism there (in the United Kingdom) as we suffer from it here,” he said.

With two main migrations–one in the 1950s from Caribbean nations to supply the needs of the UK for cheap post-WW II labor and the second in the 1970s as former colonies became independent–England’s number of non-Whites and racial strife increased, he observed.

Today the strife remains, with Asians, Arabs and Muslims now feeling the pain of discrimination that Blacks have always endured, said Min. Farrakhan.

The children of these UK immigrants were more fearless and less tolerant of oppression, he said. They rioted, fought police and rebelled against an unjust power structure, he noted.

That has led to UK government targeting of its darker population through drugs and gang violence to blunt any movement for justice, in particular one that could harness the passion of Black, Asian and Arab youth, Minister Farrakhan charged.

Biblical and Qur’anic prophecy foretell of such satanic rulership, opposed to peace and the will of God, he said. The Bible also prophesizes of a truth that will be revealed, he said, to make “you free from being dominated by a satanic mind and a satanic spirit that has you hating yourself and destroying your future by destroying one another,” Min. Farrakhan said.

White supremacy is a satanic doctrine, rooted in a superior attitude that God rejects, he said. Whites who feel they are “better,” or above the darker peoples, will deprive those seen as inferior of the God-given right to freedom, justice and equality, he said.

Farrakhan addresses UK ban

For nearly 17 years, the British government has denied Min. Farrakhan the right to visit and speak to a budding Nation of Islam community in England. Min. Hilary Muhammad and the UK mosque fought the ban in court. After a Muslim legal victory, the government appealed. A higher court upheld the British Home Secretary’s right to keep the Minister out of the country. It argued that since Sept. 11, 2001, it would be in the government’s interest to bar the Muslim leader. The House of Lords, the UK’s highest court, refused to hear the case.

“Since they (the British) have ruled the world and you cannot rule the world with inferior knowledge, if you have superior knowledge and have given that superior knowledge to your citizens, why should you fear what is coming out of the mouth of a Black man in America, if you have taught your people the truth?” Min. Farrakhan asked. He said his followers have no record for violence, yet he is condemned. He denied charges that he was anti-Semitic, saying he is anti those who claim Islam, Christianity and Islam but whose works do not reflect the teachings of their respective religions.

Calling the British the greatest slave makers and slave masters of all the former colonial powers, Min. Farrakhan said the British political, religious, economic and social systems produced a “subject mentality.”

Though former colonies have declared independence and fly their respective flags, African, Middle Eastern and Caribbean nations still bow to their former colonial master, Min. Farrakhan observed. The colonial mindset impacts the actions and thinking of former colonies, he said.

The subject mentality, which is steeped in White Supremacy, even makes it difficult for African and Blacks to unite in the United Kingdom, Min. Farrakhan said. The disunity and fratricidal violence has Blacks feeding on one another and has caused confusion, he continued.

While Blacks in the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s and early ’80s could confront an oppressive establishment, in the later 1980s through today, Blacks are fighting among themselves, the Minister said.

Today the enemy lives next door, selling drugs, luring girls into prostitution and making the community a virtual war zone, said the Nation of Islam leader.

Intelligence agents in the UK and America have infiltrated the criminal gangs and want to foment violence, he charged. “If your agenda is not right, you are already known by the enemy who wants to bring in guns and drugs and have youth killing themselves so they won’t be a problem for the master,” he said.

Despite the current challenges and Islam’s status as a strange religion in the western hemisphere, there is good news, the Minister said. Prophetic sayings forecast that Islam would be a stranger, but also predicted a bright future for Muslims and those who have been oppressed.

“The good news is that God has not forsaken us and God has not forsaken you. … God is sending His spirit, raising you (Blacks) from a condition of ignorance and will raise, purify and make you a leader of the world,” he said.