Whenever one (or some) persistently slanders another or a group, the intention is always the murder–in one form or another–of that individual or group. Whenever the slander of a slanderer reaches a certain level of intensity, the heart of the slanderer becomes filled with the desire for the death of the victim of the slander.

The worst kind of slander comes from the envious.

Here are relevant footnotes from the Yusuf Ali translation of the Holy Qur’an.

Footnote 6266 reads: “Three vices are here condemned in the strongest terms: (1) scandalmongering, talking or suggesting evil of men or women by word or innuendo, or behaviour, or mimicry, or sarcasm, or insult; (2) detracting from their character behind their backs, even if the things suggested are true, where the motive is evil; (3) piling up wealth, not for use and service to those who need it, but in miserly hoards, as if such hoards can prolong the miser’s life or give him immortality: miserliness is itself a kind of scandal.”


Footnote 6267 reads: “Hutama: that which smashes or breaks to pieces: an apt description of the three anti-social vices condemned. For scandal-mongering and backbiting make any sort of cohesion or mutual confidence impossible; and the miser’s hoards block up the channels of economic service and charity, and the circulation of good-will among men.”

Let’s look up any word in these two footnotes the meaning of which we’re not sure. Don’t procrastinate.

The slander of the slanderer comes from a demonic self-blinding force from deep within the slanderer’s heart that is ultimately self-destructive.

The person(s) who is/are the object of such demonic slander may either forgive, or be willing to forgive, the slanderer(s). However, that does not mean that Allah will forgive. He knows best if, when, how, and to what extent to punish his servants. His punishment(s) is/are always the best and for the best.

The Nation of Islam is the Kingdom of God of which Jesus, and the wise before him spoke, which would be initiated by God, on His coming among the most spiritually dead of all people, at the end of this world, which ended in 1914. Certainly, there were and are those in authority on His coming. They continue in authority during the 70 or so years that have passed. However, this does not mean that authority based on might, lies, half-truths, slander and intrigue is right and will live forever.

The Almighty is fulfilling His own words today, that He will put in power the people of His choice. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have gone into this. Read the first paragraph on page 50 of Message To The Blackman.

A major part of the qualifying process for those to be placed in authority by God is a purifying process that’s not always pleasant; is often painful, but is always effective for Allah’s purposes.

How were the ex-slaves under the power of Pharaoh and his people convinced that Moses had really met God when they knew nothing of this God before Moses and Aaron presented Him to them? What was it that convinced the people of the truth of the prophets after Moses? What was the key of the power of Muhammad that convinced the people that he brought them the truth from Allah?

Why was it that despite the convincing power of the clear arguments Allah gave to the prophets to guide the people, many were disbelievers and others, from among their following, became hypocritical betrayers of these worthy servants of God? What is the root truth, in Allah, that explains why disbelief and hypocrisy were not thoroughly eradicated during the days of Muhammad (of 1,400 years ago), or even during the time of the four Caliphs who came after him?

There are Islamic scholars who have taught that each prophet was given a level of the convincing power of divine truth that was according to the capacity of the people to receive it. Since we’re living at the end of this world, and at the beginning of a new world, that will have no end, what is the capacity of the people, today, to receive the whole of God’s truth and the whole of His reasons for His words and actions? In other words, has the capacity of humanity developed to the point that humanity can receive the ultimate truth and explanation of everything? To what extent has Satan damaged that capacity?

Why these questions, at this point in time, of Minister Farrakhan’s ministry? Today is December 5th.

Think on what Minister Farrakhan has said this year, leading up to this point. Reflect, on what he proposes for the upcoming Saviours’ Day Convention, in February 2003.

A few articles ago I raised a question about God’s reasons for allowing the image of Jesus–his hands and feet nailed to a cross; a small amount of clothing covering himself; his kingship mocked with a crown of thorns and a handful of followers present. He is profoundly humiliated. He experiences intense agony.

He is surrounded by seemingly all-powerful enemies. Later they come to see that he and his God controlled the entire situation. But, why has Allah allowed this image to come down to the whole of humanity today?

On pages 225 and 226 of the third edition of This Is The One, we read valuable words from Mother Tynnetta Muhammad and Minister Abdul Rahman Muhammad, which provides valuable insight into this hour. I can here quote but a little of their words.

Mother Tynnetta wrote: “We must read history in the past, present and future tense to fully understand the Trial and Tribulations that we must suffer to establish Truth.”

Minister Rahman said that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad once told him, and others, on a certain occasion with direct reference to his domestic life: “If you can defend this you will see the Hereafter.”

Is there a relationship between the small amount of clothing on this image of Jesus and the small number of people, at present, who can intelligently defend the Messiah’s domestic life?

Now, from Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive???, consider the words on pages 53, 54, 56, 58 and 60 of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who quotes the Holy Qur’an to the effect, that Jesus and his mother were made signs of others who were coming centuries after them. He states that nowhere in the Holy Book does God tell of whom they were made signs. But he told us that he received the knowledge of whom they were made signs and the reason Allah held back the answer until He gave it directly to him (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad).

Part of the answer he gave was that this was “É to serve as a test between the knowledge of believers and disbelievers of the last days in this world.”

The test is on! All are taking it! All are being graded! Finals are coming up shortly! We’re moments away from the apex of the time written of in Daniel 12:1–that greatest time of trouble just before a brand new day.

Daniel saw the angel Michael standing up for his people. This angel was granted great power from God.

More next issue, Allah willing.