For more information about attending this address in the UK, call: 020 7501 9800.

Satellite message set for December 22
(FinalCall.com) – The United Kingdom will enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to see and hear the leader of the Nation of Islam in a special live, satellite transmission that will be beamed into London on Dec. 22 at the Carling Apollo Hammersmith auditorium, with an exclusive message for the overseas viewers.

Min. Hilary Muhammad, the Nation of Islam representative in the United Kingdom, said Dec. 7 that Muslims and supporters are anxious to have the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speak directly to the people–thanks to modern technology and made necessary by an exclusion order that prohibits the Minister from entering the UK. Last year, the UK Muslims scored a significant victory with a decision by a judicial panel to overturn the ban. A government appeal was upheld by another court, which cited additional concerns following terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.


Min. Farrakhan is not an entertainer or simply a gifted speaker, said Min. Muhammad, in talking about the importance of the event. “He is a man of God and men of God only come this way once in a long while. It will be the most important day in the life of those blessed to come,” said the Nation’s UK representative.

When the Minister speaks it is an opportunity to hear a life-changing message, one that can lift listeners out of the depths of sin and iniquity spoken of in the Bible, he said. The Minister brings a message of spiritual rebirth and a message that can promote badly needed unity among Black Britons, Min. Muhammad explained.

A message of self value and self-love is needed with Blacks increasingly plagued by drugs, violence and attacking one another, in addition to historical White oppression, he argued.

With Black residents mainly from Africa and the Caribbean, there is often an over-promotion of places of origin that detracts from a common strategy against oppression, he continued. Min. Farrakhan and the teachings of the Nation of Islam provide a culture and mindset that supersede mere geographic areas and a particular ancestry, said Min. Muhammad. “(Min.) Farrakhan takes us beyond Africa and the Caribbean to God and the origin in God, and we bask in that and not in (only) that land mass where our parents came from,” he said.

Politically Blacks have little political power and Blacks in Parliament speak for various constituencies, the UK minister continued. But, Min. Muhammad said, there is no voice devoted to speaking to the problems of racism and marginalization Blacks face as a group. Min. Farrakhan can speak to the internal and external forces that impact Blacks in the United Kingdom and promote meaningful unity, he said.

“Our survival is predicated upon unity,” said Min. Muhammad.

England was touted as refuge for Blacks from Africa and the Caribbean following WWII. Promises of opportunity were offered but when Blacks arrived they found little to do except rebuild a country ravaged by war, he said. The promises of great opportunity and equality were never honored but those who gambled everything on an oceanic voyage could not just simply return home, said Min. Muhammad. They stayed, had children and the Black presence in England and Europe bears witness to scriptural portraits of a people scattered across the globe but chosen to usher in a divine order of peace, he said.

The satellite broadcast also marks the reality that Blacks in the UK, whose ranks in the Nation of Islam, supporters and sympathizers have increased since 1985, will not enjoy the opportunity to see the Minister in person, as do people in America, Min. Muhammad stated. But his word coming via videotape and audiotape produced a community and must be utilized to keep growing and learning, he said. This satellite transmission is a reward and blessing for all who have worked for the UK Nation of Islam over the years, added Min. Muhammad.

Min. Farrakhan should also not have to endure an eight-hour flight to physically come to the UK to deliver the word, he said. Technology allows for him to deliver a message without the added stress of travel, he noted.

People coming out to see the Nation of Islam leader will also be another sign that the travel ban is unjustified and should be lifted, he said. So while Black Britons would welcome the Minister’s personal presence, his words and image over satellite will do–for now at least, he said.

For more information about attending the address in the UK, call: 020 7501 9800.