Guest Columnist

“This is a hoax. This is a hoax,” warned Senator Robert Byrd (R-WVa.) in debates over the Homeland Security Bill of 2002. The Senate was given a 484-page document and was required to vote on it in 48 hours without committee scrutiny or public hearings. Why? What is President “Pharaoh” Bush trying to sneak over on the American people?

At the very last minute a few amendments were added. One in particular we find very interesting. The Associated Press released a story Nov. 18 titled, “Showdown Could Impact Homeland Security Bill.” In that article it was stated, “A provision of the bill also would protect pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits over vaccines they create and their side effects.” Why?

We have also heard that this country is planning for mass inoculations of its citizens against possible “terrorist attacks” using bio-weapons such as anthrax and small pox. We also know that the anthrax sent to Democrat Tom Daschel was from a strand stored by the U.S. military at Fort Detrick. There are also some that believe that HIV in Africa was spread through contaminated small pox vaccines. We also know that they are now experimenting with growing vaccines in bio-engineered corn.


In the week before this bill was passed, another seemingly unrelated story broke about genetically engineered corn. But first, let’s go back to a CBS news story from Oct. 8, 2002, titled, “In Coming Harvests, Farm-aceutical Corn.” According to this report:

“This year the USDA has issued 32 field permits for the growing of drugs and drug compounds in barley, rice, tobacco and corn. And the list of what is being grown is revolutionary: plant-based insulin and vaccines for hepatitis B, cholera and diarrhea. There have even been greenhouse attempts to grow spermicide. Next year, the biotech firm Epicyte will be the first to start human clinical tests on a gel to treat herpes. That drug, too, is being grown in corn. Tony Laos, the CEO of Prodigene, a biotech company in business to grow drugs in crops, believes the process will eventually reduce the retail cost of drugs. Laos says he’s sure drugs won’t contaminate the non-pharmaceutical corn, ‘because I’m following procedures that make it impossible for that to happen.’”

Now let’s look at a story that broke just one month later, November 15, 2002, and see how long it takes the “impossible” to happen. According to this article, “USA: Contamination incidents fuel GM debate: On Wednesday this week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) quarantined 500,000 bushels of soybeans in Nebraska on concerns that a small amount of ProdiGene bio-corn may have been mixed with the soybean harvest.”

So it took about one month for Mr. Laos’ assurance that the “impossible” could not happen. Interestingly, a week later after the “impossible” happened, the Homeland Security Bill was passed that would protect companies like ProdiGene and Epicyte from any liabilities with experimenting and producing vaccines in corn, even though these genes may cross over into the general food supply. Add to this that Epicyte is “experimenting” with “spermicides” produced in corn, then what we have here is a formula for mass sterilization and you won’t be able to sue for damages.

Now let’s go further back to the so-called “father of history,” Herodotus, to get a historical perspective on these modern events. Has this happened before? Herodotus points out a strange nation of people north of the Caucasus Mountains called the “Scythians” who lived some 3,000 years ago. They were both hated and feared in the civilized world at that time because of their economic philosophy, cyclical plundering of their neighbors, and their military philosophy, running while poisoning the land and water behind them.

Enron, Worldcom, the year 2000 California energy crisis and the recent stock market losses by the masses are examples of their economic plundering philosophy in a modern context. Genetic engineering, plant-based spermicides and food crop cross-contamination are the modern tools of their kill, run and poison military philosophy. Add this to their immunity from prosecution or liability, then you get the best of all evil worlds, the 2002 Homeland Security Bill.

You may ask, “If they poison America, then where will White folks go?” Answer: back to the “caves and hillsides” of Europe. Have you noticed that Europe, and not Florida, has become the prime retirement location for the rich and famous of America? Do you know how many so-called White people have dual citizenship in both America and Europe? Do you know that Europe refuses to accept America’s genetically engineered food crops?

The Black farmers are still walking in a daze, trying to understand why America does not want them to farm. Answer: As in the time of “Pharaoh,” you Black folks “don’t die, you multiply.” And America does not want you Black folks growing food, because you might not want to grow the poisons that America has in mind for your people.

This is why Al Pires, from the Justice Department, was sent in to prevent the Black farmers from going to trial. This government did not want to expose their duplicity and conspiracy against the Black farmers and American people. It was the USDA that took the Black farmers’ land, and it was the USDA that funded research and actually produced these genetically engineered bio-weapons of “mass destruction”–all done with the tax payers’ money.

Should we blame the Republicans or Democrats? This is a continuation of the “White man’s fear of a Black planet” as documented by Democrats, Cyrus Vances’ 1980 “Global 2000 Report to the President,” and Al Gore’s “Earth in the Balance.”

“Global 2000” suggested that the world was quickly becoming overpopulated. Al Gore suggested in his book that the rapid growth in human population was leading to environmental degradation and that the world should institute a “Global Marshall Plan.”

The first of such a plan would be “Stabilizing World Population.” Mr. Gore, the former vice-president, demonstrates his points by focusing in on three countries as examples of overpopulation: Kenya, Egypt and Nigeria. These are the only countries that he mentions and they all are, interestingly, on the continent of Africa.

The “Scythians” ride again.