Our beloved Sister, Michelle Y. Muhammad, was very small physically, and, to my knowledge, did not perform any physical feats requiring great muscular development. I called her “Mighty-Mite” because her spiritual powers enabled her to accomplish astounding feats in various areas of human relations. She developed technical skills– especially writing and photography–but her social skills, her human relations made her the unique person whom we all grew to know and love. She was physically small, but in her accomplishments, she was a giant!

Just before I started to formulate this column, someone gave me a September 23rd JET Magazine which contained a color photograph of some “Rap superstars” visiting a Chicago elementary school. The photo credit read “Michelle Muhammad.”

She was a warrior, in the positive sense of the word. I never saw or heard her engaged in disagreement over petty, personal things. I only observed her challenging threats to the success of THE FINAL CALL in particular and/or THE NATION OF ISLAM in general. I never heard her bemoaning personal disappointments. She only attacked those things which were, or threatened to be obstacles in the path of progress for the Nation of Islam in particular, and Original People of the Earth generally.


She was never jealous of the appearance or possessions of another, but rather was quick to share any possession of hers that would improve the status of another. She was neat, clean and fashionable–without being a “clothes horse.”

She had complaints, as all normal human beings do, but approached them in a spirit of seeking solutions, not in the spirit of using a problem as an excuse to wreak havoc.

We love and miss you, Sister Michelle; and may we all follow your example of what ISLAM looks like in the flesh!