The White man’s tricknology is always being trumpeted to the world (that they are peace lovers), as though they want all people, as they falsely claim, to be free and to live in peace, while they are sitting on and crushing between twenty and thirty million Black people in America, who were their servitude slaves a hundred years ago. Now, for one hundred years, the slavemasters’ children falsely claim that we are free and that they are trying to treat us as free people.

It has come to me that in the state of Alabama, in Greene County, Alabama, there are big plantations owned by White people; and their stately white houses sit up on hills and the slaves live in a surrounding of shacks. These Black people work hard for very small pay. It is said by some that the salaries range from twenty-five cents a day to $2.50 a week. Rough clothes to work in are furnished to them.

This kind of slave labor goes on through the generations. One generation after another is subjected to this slave way of life in what is called a free world. In order to keep these Black people in this type of slavery, the owner has a mounted guard patrolling the plantation with a gun lying across his lap in the saddle on his horse, to see that there is no Black interference from the outside to entice the enslaved Blacks on the inside of his plantation to come in a better area for better wages.


These people grow up there and die there on the plantation. Some of them never know civilization. They are satisfied because they know no other life but the slave life that their fathers and grandfathers have been living under. We hear this kind of slavery goes on not only in Greene County, Alabama, but in other states such as Mississippi and Georgia.

Years ago, when I was a young man in Georgia, I heard that such slavery on large plantations was going on in certain areas in Georgia. Our people will go to farm there (and the poor man probably owes another White farmer) and this White farmer pays the debt that he owes the other White farmer; and then the Black man becomes the slave the balance of his and his family’s life on the plantation of this White man who paid the debt to a previous White plantation owner. As long as he lives, he never pays that debt. This is the worse injustice and the most cruel slavery of all.

They are shot and killed or beaten to death if they are found trying to leave the plantation. The White owners make other Blacks of the same plantation (under fear) be their informers of what is said and planned by other Blacks. It has been told to me in my younger life that certain rivers, lakes, and wooded wilderness- like places carry the bones and skulls of many Black slaves from these plantations in so called “freedom” times and in the age of abolished slavery by the law of this government and the world.

But in these Southern states where Mr. George Wallace was running for president, he could make every Black man and woman in the South vote for him under fear.

These Black people are afraid to disobey White people in high offices or even an old White farmer who is hardly able to buy himself a new overall suit.

The Black people in the South have been brought up for many years and for centuries to fear White people. Where there is no freedom or chance to get out among free people, these Black people become the most ignorant and the most terrified people of Whites that there are in the country of America. And the White man knows this. He gets rich. He builds himself a fi ne luxurious home on the plantation and as far as he can see he claims that the land is his and the poor slaves are living in the worst of shacks. When the rains come, some of them have to go to the walls of their houses with pails to catch the rain coming through their almost open roofs.

When winter comes, they are sitting up to their fi replaces trying to keep warm. These are the worst living conditions of human beings that could even be in the jungles of Africa where they do not have sawmills or brick kilns to saw timber into lumber and to mold bricks.

America has everything necessary to make her slaves good warm homes, cool homes, and to give her slaves a good living wage, because our fathers, for four hundred years, have already supplied the wealth for us today to be given good, substantial wages for our necessities of life. …

The Black man of America is so mistreated by his four hundred year old slave master and his slavemasters’ children that you just cannot describe any other mistreatment of human beings to equal the evil and ill treatment that the Black Man has and still suffers in America.

The U.S. Mail comes into these towns and cities and in some places the Black people are forced to walk to a drug store and ask a White drug store owner for their mail. Then they are treated like dogs and as though the White devils are giving him something free while the senders of the mail have paid tax for postal carriers to bring it to their doors.

Little Black children are walking around with sores–pus running out of them–for the lack of medical attention. Little Black children are dying of diseases right in the false “freedom” of the U.S.A. …

I have heard from their mouths, when I lived in the South, that “there were too many Negroes in the South and the White people should kill off some of them.” “There are more Negroes than Whites and the White man should kill off some of these Negroes.”

What chance does the Black man have under the shadow of the American government for freedom, justice and equality? I thank Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever, who has come to deliver the Black man in America and to kill our oppressors.

This is very good, and we should be shouting day and night that a deliverer has come. The revelation of the Bible has given this people the right name (a beast) and a most vicious description does the revelation give. In Daniel of the Bible, this people is described as a beast rising up out of the sea with three ribs of a man in its mouth. This is the description of America with the Black slaves swallowed for three centuries in the power of our enemies (the devils).

The Black Man of the South would be a fool to vote for any White man of the South to rule him. He should stay away from the polls, because the White man for whom he votes is an enemy of his and is bound to tighten the shackles tighter than ever. They preach of enforcing the law, and that law is an unjust law directed against the Black Man.

Vote for Allah and for His servant, Elijah Muhammad and by the power of our Allah (God), who has come in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever, all the prophesies of the Bible of what He will do in freeing the Black man of America will be fulfi lled. Let us submit to Him and live in peace with money, in good homes, and with the friendship of God and the righteous. There is nothing that you have to fear today, but God Himself.

It is useless for us to fear our enemy after the coming and presence of our God, Who has power over the very atoms of life; for it is fear of the White man that will cause our people to eat the fi re of hell with the White man if they do not recognize the fact that it is God Whom they should fear and not the devil. The world of the White man is now crumbling and coming to naught. The safety of the Black man is in His God. As the Holy Qur’an teaches us, in this day and time, seek refuge in Allah, the God of the Black man. He is the only place of refuge.

We have made America one of the richest and strongest people on earth. Her mighty navy is commanding the high seas with undersea craft crawling on the bottom of the ocean, carrying deadly weapons to surface and pour out on towns and cities of other than America and with listening devices set up throughout the earth on land, sea, and in the air, to listen to see what people are saying about her and planning against her, knowing she is guilty and deserving of death, and that she should be taken and destroyed.

She has prepared to put up a mighty battle, but Allah too has prepared and He is the Best Preparer; knowing their thoughts before they were ever made. They have not the slightest chance today against the power of Allah that is working against them, even through the forces of nature. …

Here in America, Almighty Allah (God) wants to make Himself known with both the punishment and the destruction of this mighty, powerful, and rich people.

Fear not, my dear Black people, for we have Allah with us; and He is a mighty, a strong, and the most powerful one to be feared. Come follow me, and I will lead you to your salvation.

(Text  from “Message to the Blackman,” 1965.)