SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. (FinalCall.com)–The Neturei Karta International, an organization of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis and the Rockland County Local Organization Committee, held a press conference Sept. 20, to announce their support for Million Family March.

Kevin Muhammad , coordinator of the Rockland County Study Group opened the press conference , by telling reporters, “We are here today to inform you of the support and endorsement of the Million Family march by our Orthodox Jewish brothers, the Neturei Karta International.   We cannot work as a disconnected whole. We can only be whole when we have attained a God consciousness and have affirmed the unity of the entire human family,” Bro. Kevin said.

Rabbi David Weiss then stepped to the microphone and said while the formal purpose of the gathering was to offer a joint endorsement of the march, there was a deeper purpose to the meeting.


“This press conference is merely the current incarnation of what is a warm, developing and hopefully long lasting relationship between our two groups.   It is our wish that the model of cooperation and mutual commitment to spiritual and moral ideas will serve as an impetus to other Jews and African Americans as they search for reconciliation and unity of purpose,” explained Rabbi Weiss said.

The national director of the Million Family March, Min. Benjamin F. Muhammad, told the Final Call, “The endorsement of and the participation in the Million Family March will be the greatest coming together of the human family, for the cause of freedom, justice and equality.”

The Rockland Country Organizing Committee also announced plans for a Sept. 30 rally and an Oct. 4 “Men Only Meeting” at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Spring Valley.